Cloud Management Platform

Control your Cloud.

Our ultra-reliable, high-performance Cloud infrastructure is now even easier to control. With Immedion’s new Cloud Management Platform, you can deploy and manage virtual servers with on-demand resource elasticity and monitor usage all from a single-pane-of-glass. 

Immedion's Cloud Management Platform puts you in the driver's seat with these features:

On-demand resource elasticity:

  • Quickly scale CPU, RAM and Disk space above your base commitment
  • Set pre-configured bursting thresholds to ensure you don't exceed your budget
  • Reduce provisioning time 

Complete control of your Virtual Servers (VS): 

  • Virtual Server Deployment and Removal
  • Edit Virtual Servers
  • vApp Deployment and Removal
  • Editing vApps

Easy Virtual Server and vApp management:

  • Create vApps from templates
  • vCPU Quantity per Virtual Server
  • Memory (GB) per Virtual Server
  • Disk size and Storage Tier (storage profiles) per Virtual Server
  • Networking and Virtual Firewalls including Firewall Rules, NAT Rules and VPN Tunnels

Intuitive monitoring and reporting:

  • Tracking of CPU, Disk and Network statistics per Virtual Server
  • View Users, Organizations and Catalogs
  • View vApp Templates
  • View Virtual Data Centers (VDC) per Organization
  • View all Organization Networks

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