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2021 IT Trends: Part Two

We recently interviewed Immedion’s Vice President and CTO, Brad Alexander, to discuss trends and predictions for IT strategies in 2021. In the final piece of our two-part blog series, we’ll cover the outlook for the cloud and post-pandemic security methods.

What is your take on the outlook for the cloud in 2021?

Despite many businesses and industries taking a tremendous economic hit in 2020, cloud demand continues to rise. As the extra capacity needed for cloud-based applications to meet increased demand remains a steady factor, more organizations are moving to the cloud because of its scalability, economy and flexibility. The impact of the pandemic has made agility and flexibility a top priority for many of our partners, and Immedion’s public and private cloud options continue to help our customers transform their business while meeting that demand for flexibility and scalability.

This will be a strong year for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, and as businesses try to not only move workloads into the cloud, but also to optimize existing workloads, cost savings will be a big driver towards this shift. Additionally, due to extended remote work situations, there is a heightened need for businesses to be always available, while the cost of downtime continues to climb. A multi-cloud strategy can provide failover and disaster recovery options for increased resilience as businesses rely more heavily on continued uptime.

As the adoption of hybrid deployments increases, the need for partnerships and support on building, maintaining and migrating cloud data becomes more critical. Immedion provides support for small, medium, and enterprise customers as they make their journey to the cloud. Our team of experts can monitor, manage and optimize your on-premises and cloud deployments.

How has COVID-19 and the shift to remote work impacted ransomware trends and what security methods are critical to implement in this new year?

Ransomware continues to be a critical threat to our partners and customers. The pandemic created an environment where workers left their traditional, corporate security safeguards to work from their own—and typically less secure—homes. Creation of new ransomware and malware soared during the pandemic. The mixture of fear and uncertainty led many to frequently search online for information about the coronavirus; cyber-criminals began taking advantage of the panic and pushing malicious links under the guise of pandemic updates and information. Unfortunately, the combination of working from the comfort of our own homes mixed with the anxiety of the global situation led to a weakening of individual cyber hygiene and care with online activity.

Educating your employees and reemphasizing being a cautious and conscientious steward of your company data is vital. This is especially important as this pandemic crisis continues. As cyber-criminals become more sophisticated in their approaches, exercising maximum caution should be at the front of every employee’s mind. Detecting and mitigating ransomware should be based on a holistic approach. As employees continue to work from home, organizations need to maintain full visibility of their critical assets and data, therefore endpoint detection and response should be a key part of any security and defense strategy. Throughout 2021, organizations should continue to work towards endpoint safeguards that follow employees to their homes. Additionally, backing up and storing data in multiple, secure offsite repositories can mitigate the impact of ransomware. Every business should strive to maintain the ‘3-2-1’ backup methodology; at least three copies of your data, stored in at least two different locations or types of storage media, with at least one copy being stored offsite. This should give businesses the best chance for recovery should they fall victim to ransomware.

Whether your focus is on digital transformation through the cloud, bolstering your security, or achieving a comprehensive solution, Immedion can help you meet your organization’s IT goals. Need help implementing this year’s IT plans? Learn more about Immedion’s cloud and security offerings or start a conversation with our experts to find out how Immedion can assist.

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