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3 Considerations When Migrating Mission-Critical Applications

Although there are numerous statistics about businesses increasing their use of Cloud technology, our customers often ask us if their mission-critical applications are right for the Cloud. These are mission-critical applications after all, and their business and customers depend on them to operate. So how can you ensure you select the right Cloud environment? We encourage customers to consider the following when evaluating Cloud computing providers for mission-critical applications.

First, consider availability requirements. Gartner estimates that downtime costs a company $5600 per minute. When choosing a Cloud computing environment for your applications, consider the risk-reward factors of downtime. If an application is truly mission-critical to your organization, you may be willing to pay a premium to ensure your Cloud environment has high-availablity to avoid the potential cost of downtime.

Immedion understands the importance of keeping our customers always on and has offered Cloud Services with industry leading SLA guaranteed uptime since 2008. We have a long-standing record of reliability, and it is our mission to ensure our customers are up and running.

Consider the performance levels that the business requires. In order to create a Cloud computing environment, engineers put together a series of discs into the properly configured storage array. The way those discs are arranged and the amount of discs allotted to your company determines how quickly your applications run. The industry standard for storage arrays is an SAS array, which due to the nature of entropy, erodes over time, decreasing your performance unless you intervene.

Immedion’s standard tier for storage array is SSD, the highest tier currently available in the industry, with a unique configuration to support additional growth and combat entropy over time. Our Cloud performs exceptionally fast and is often able to mask poorly coded applications and an increase in traffic or storage.

Determine what type of architecture is needed to support your availability and performance requirements. High availability with high performance requires a Cloud computing architecture that supports it. We provide high performance and high uptime by maintaining smaller fault domains or smaller single points of failure. This is accomplished by building additional redundancy into the Cloud to withstand power outages, human error, and other risks.

It is also important to examine the architecture of your chosen Cloud computing environment to ensure that your applications are compatible. Many applications were coded prior to Cloud computing becoming so mainstream, and consequently, some have to be rewritten or recoded when they are migrated to the Cloud. Often, as has been the case for several Immedion customers, your Cloud provider will be able to work with developers to get the applications migration ready.

These three considerations together allow business owners and IT professionals peace of mind when migrating their mission critical applications. At Immedion, we work together with our customers to find the best Cloud option for their business needs.

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