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3 Elements of a Complete IT Security Strategy

Today’s cybercriminals are turning toward more sophisticated money-making tactics like cryptomining and spear phishing -- even ransomware attacks have become more focused and targeted toward specific industries. Thanks to this constantly evolving threat landscape, cyberattacks are harder to identify and easier to fall prey to than ever before, making it difficult for businesses to protect and defend their network, devices and data.

A complete security strategy should include prevention, detection and response, or more specifically, proactive remediation of cyberthreats. Because there is no such thing as “perfect prevention,” detection and response are critical pieces of your security posture. See how outsourced managed security services fit into your overall security strategy and help take the burden of worrying about security off your plate.


Step one is to ensure you have the appropriate safeguards in place to protect against a cybersecurity event impacting your network or systems. Physical security begins with your provider. Their facilities should be SOC 2 Type II compliant to maintain physical security against unauthorized access -- important whether you’re a colocation or cloud hosted customer.

Firewall solutions provide risk mitigation, but to keep up with today’s threat landscape, traditional firewalls are no match. Advanced firewall solutions, usually referred to as Next Generation Firewalls, include features like Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), network-based antivirus and web content filtering for cutting-edge security and visibility. Finally, routine but necessary security measures like patch management and antivirus are often overlooked. An IT support service can handle all security updates and patching to keep your systems and devices up-to-date and protected against vulnerabilities.

Remember, these security measures can’t defend against human error. It is important to implement regular security awareness training for employees to educate them on the latest threats. Should an employee click on a phishing link or if bad actors do get through the firewall, that’s where detection comes into play.


Advanced malware and zero-day attacks are so difficult to spot that according to Ponemon’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, it takes an average of 197 days to detect a data breach. That means attackers are on average allowed more than six months to access and utilize a company’s data before any threat is even recognized. It’s important to ensure that you have 24/7 network monitoring in place to identify threats faster. This will help reduce the time between detection and initial response, which is crucial to prevent the attack from spreading throughout the corporate network.


When it comes to response, the faster the better to help contain the impact of a cybersecurity incident and eradicate it. Because the average business takes almost 200 days to discover a breach, the visibility that Next Generation Firewalls can deliver is key for enabling fast response and remediation. The firewall’s associated reporting gives critical insight into threats, helping you to pinpoint where immediate response is required.

Because incidents do happen, we also urge you not to overlook the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure your data can be recovered, even in the aftermath of a cyberattack. Disaster recovery solutions allow you to failover to a site that hasn’t been compromised by an attack to avoid downtime. By implementing a managed backup service, you ensure that your organization’s data and systems are constantly retained. Following a security incident, you can rollback a full database to restore at a point-in-time before the attack.

Where does your security posture stand?

Security is critical, not only to your organization’s bottom-line, but for protecting your business’s reputation. It only takes one exposed vulnerability for a cyberattack to wreak havoc on an entire company. Luckily, Immedion’s line of security services and products, including Next Gen Firewall and patch management, all work together to fulfill the elements of a comprehensive security solution. Immedion has the services and expertise in place to handle your security needs – from prevention and detection down to response and recovery, we cover all aspects, so you don’t have to. Ready to take the next step toward improving your security posture? Request a consultation and one of our experts can customize a security solution built just for you.

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