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3 Often Overlooked IT Security Measures

Cybersecurity is a must in business today. Over the past few years, attacks have become more sophisticated and leverage common services such as web and email to gain access to secure networks. There are some basic security measures every company should utilize to combat threats including regular patching, anti-virus and of course, a perimeter firewall. However, we also recommend the following often overlooked IT security measures that can make a difference in combatting potential attacks to your system:

A Written IT Policy

Creating an IT policy can seem overwhelming, especially for small businesses, but it doesn’t need to be overly complex. A written IT policy can serve as the cornerstone of your security program and should reflect the policies and procedures necessary for your IT security strategy. It should outline acceptable use of technology, hardware and software standards, backup protocols, disaster recovery strategy and support services. It should be clear how to escalate problems or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner. Ultimately, implementing a written policy will reduce risk and increase productivity.

Access Rights and User Education

Training is a crucial aspect of securing your systems. The human element cannot be ignored, so it’s necessary to educate your employees on how to identify and address suspect emails to prevent phishing attacks, viruses and malware from compromising your systems. This action can be further reinforced by limiting access and user rights. This will help to prevent the installation of unwanted and malicious software.

Data Encryption

Data encryption comes with a trade-off. While it offers an added layer of protection for your data and systems, it also reduces performance. Nonetheless, it is certainly worth consideration. Encryption technology is available on most operating systems, making it an affordable protective measure. Once data is encrypted, it helps prevent theft or exposure, even when a drive is lost or stolen. It is also more difficult to recover deleted data from an encrypted drive.

Each of these often overlooked security measures can make a difference in securing your data and systems and therefore, limiting your risk.

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