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3 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Should Leverage Cloud

The healthcare industry is turning to the Cloud to keep up with the rapid changes in modern medicine, research and technology. Providing quality patient care should be the top priority for healthcare organizations, but the stringent requirements of HIPAA/HITECH place a heavy burden on those in the field. Add in the increasing amount of patient data, growing number of security threats, and demand for 24/7 access to data and systems, and it is easy to see how internally managing healthcare infrastructure puts a strain on already limited IT resources.

The Immedion Healthcare Cloud is exclusively for healthcare organizations and combines the flexible, scalable and ultra-reliable benefits of the Immedion Cloud with the security controls necessary to meet HIPAA/HITECH requirements. Immedion is experienced in Cloud compliance and has been providing solutions to highly regulated industries for ten plus years. Here are three reasons why we believe healthcare providers should leverage the Cloud:

Flexibility and scalability.

Healthcare and patient data is growing at an exponential rate. In the past, healthcare organizations were required to purchase physical hardware to accommodate data growth and to rollout new systems. Leveraging the Cloud gives healthcare providers the ability to quickly and easily scale up or down to accommodate variances in the volume of patient data. The Cloud computing model also gives healthcare providers the ability to avoid large capital hardware expenditures thereby freeing up those resources for other value-add initiatives.

Focus on improving healthcare outcomes rather than infrastructure management.

Managing Cloud internally consumes valuable time and IT resources. It is difficult to find employees with the necessary skill sets to manage a highly available and compliant in-house Cloud environment. Outsourcing to a Cloud provider frees up internal staff so they can focus on core business projects and research to improve patient care rather than the day-to-day tasks required to manage infrastructure. With Immedion’s Healthcare Cloud, technical support and network monitoring are available to customers 24x7x365. Additionally, customers have access to our full suite of Cloud and managed services to easily add other services, such as disaster recovery and backup, as needed.

Ensure data availability while meeting HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

Healthcare technologists are faced with the difficult challenge of protecting the security and privacy of patient data while also making sure the data is accessible when needed. To safeguard healthcare data, the Immedion Healthcare Cloud is equipped with physical and logical access controls, mechanisms for encryption and decryption, integrity controls for electronically transmitted ePHI and audit controls that record and monitor activity. To ensure reliability and performance, Immedion configures fully redundant network and storage and employs small fault domains to reduce the risk of a single point of failure. We also offer SLA-backed guaranteed uptimes.

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