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3 Ways to Improve Your Preparedness for Weather Related Disasters

September kicks off National Preparedness Month and the peak of hurricane season. Preparation is key to assuring your business’s ability to bounce back from a weather-related disaster with minimal losses. Use these three tips to improve your readiness in the event of a major natural disaster:

Know your risks.

In order to best plan for a disaster, you must first assess your weather risks. Use these tools to learn more about which weather systems can affect your area:

- Hurricanes – NOAA Hurricane Center

- Flooding – Slosh map

- Earthquakes – Fault lines map

- Tornados – US Tornado Climatology Information

- Ice/Snow- FEMA’s Winter Storm Preparedness Playbook

- Wildfires- Red Cross Active Wildfire Map and the National Interagency Fire Center

Once you understand the weather systems that could impact your business operations, you’ll be better able to create an informed DR strategy.

Take advantage of geographically diverse disaster recovery options.

Now that you know which storms are most likely to impact your business, you can determine the amount of distance needed between your primary production environment and DR site to reduce the risk of an outage. Immedion offers DR facilities throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Ohio, giving our customers a choice of geographically diverse data center options. In fact, Asheville, NC, the home of one of our data centers, was selected as one of the Weather Channel’s safest weather cities. Nestled in between two mountain ranges, high above the nearest flood plain and far enough inland to have never experienced hurricane or tropical storm winds, our Asheville facility is naturally protected from many weather disasters.

Take care of your employees.

For most businesses, their most valuable asset is their employees. When developing your BC/DR plan, consider employee safety, their ability to arrive to the office and what you will do if your office space is unavailable due to damages. Where will they work, and can your employees make it there safely? Can they telecommute from home? Will they have access to the information and systems they need to continue operation?

Immedion’s Disaster Recovery options include a temporary work space in which you can run your business while you address the aftermath of the disaster. As our customer Cantey Technologies discovered following a fire in their building, utilizing Immedion’s war room/disaster recovery space can help employees resume as close to normal business operations as possible. Geographically diverse failover sites and the option to utilize our war room/disaster recovery area assure our customers the ability to continue operation in the aftermath of a disaster.

Weather-related disasters are often unpredictable and unforeseen, but preparing for their possibility and impact doesn’t have to be complex. FEMA and the Small Business Administration both offer additional material and checklists to ensure your business is prepared.

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