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4 Reasons to Invest in Office 365 Backups

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we often run into questions from clients regarding the importance of backing up Office 365 data and files as many are under the assumption that because the data is in the Cloud it is automatically protected. In fact, according to a recent article by Tech Target, nearly 40% of surveyed organizations don’t backup their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, mistakenly thinking that SaaS environments don’t need backup or are already backed up by the provider. If your business uses Microsoft Office 365, you may be surprised to learn that the solution was not built to provide protection or long-time retention of your data. That means that without an enterprise-class backup solution in place, you’re leaving your O365 data vulnerable, including your files within Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Exchange and SharePoint Online. This post will uncover what those vulnerabilities are and how to protect against them with backups for Office 365.

Mitigate retention policy gaps

Microsoft has limited backup and retention policies, but those are mainly to protect themselves at a system-wide level. For instance, deleted O365 email messages live in the Recycle Bin for 93 days before being permanently deleted. Also, restoring individual files in O365 is not an option; the entire instance must be restored. While you may be able to avoid data loss in some situations, O365 was not built with an all-encompassing backup solution and you don’t want to take your chances.

Also not included in Microsoft’s scope is point-in-time restoration of mailbox items. Meaning that in the case of a disaster or outage, you would not be able to roll back to a point in time prior to the outage occurring, which would give you access to those files you may have lost in the outage. Office 365 backups give you the flexibility to restore granularly or to a certain point in time – not to mention you won’t have to worry about whether or not your critical data and files are being retained since your backup solution eliminates those retention policy gaps.

Safeguard against human error

Human error is inevitable, but Microsoft does not make any guarantees about restoring Office 365 data that was accidentally deleted or corrupted. A staff member may accidentally delete a user (which in turn deletes their OneDrive data and SharePoint site) or mistakenly perform a hard delete which purges items from the mailbox database completely, leaving them unavailable for restore within Office 365. The good news is that with Office 365 backups, you can restore anything that’s been accidentally deleted or has fallen out of O365’s retention period, saving yourself from small mistakes that could otherwise turn into big problems.

Protect your data from internal and external security threats

Security threats are constantly lurking both inside and outside your organization. Internally speaking, Microsoft has no way of knowing whether or not data changed by someone logged into O365 was done so maliciously. Other serious threats can be caused by a user unintentionally downloading a malicious file; hackers are growing more sophisticated by the day and sometimes user education isn’t enough to prevent an attack. By performing regular Office 365 backups, you help ensure that a separate copy of your data is uninfected. If your critical data gets compromised, you can bulk restore entire folder arrays as quickly as you would a single file, ensuring seamless business continuity.

Ensure compliance and legal requirements are met

If your organization is held to strict email and document retention regulations, you need to ensure that you can retrieve that data if and when it is needed. By default, deleted data is non-recoverable within O365 after a maximum of 30 days, and longer retention periods are only made possible by paying for more expensive editions of O365. By having backup copies of your Office 365 data, you’ll ensure you can comply with regulations no matter what O365 edition you have. By the same token, you don’t want to be held accountable for fines (or worse) should you have already deleted emails, OneDrive accounts, etc. that are required during legal action.

Take action to avoid these unnecessary risks and protect your O365 data with Immedion’s Office 365 Backups. Our comprehensive backup solution enables you to recover all of your Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data – down to individual files – quickly and easily, 24/7/365. Request a consultation with our experts to customize your backup solution.

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