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4 Ways to Gain Efficiency with the Cloud

In the ever-changing world of IT, businesses are faced with the challenge of keeping up with trending technology while at the same time, maintaining an effective strategy that drives business value. The cloud has become an integral part of how businesses run today, and has proven to be practical in helping your business run more efficiently. Here are four ways to gain efficiency by leveraging the cloud.

Focus on strategic initiatives

A major selling point for migrating to the cloud is the resource savings that can come from utilizing a cloud service provider (CSP). The CSP handles the infrastructure maintenance and software upgrades that are both expensive and time consuming for in-house IT departments. Since these upkeep responsibilities are reduced, IT staff can spend less time maintaining infrastructure and are able to focus on strategic initiatives and value adds for the business.

Benefit from access to engineering expertise

Skilled cloud engineers are in short supply and are an expensive investment for most organizations to commit to. Cloud providers already have certified cloud engineers to manage cloud environments, providing customers a savings on engineering and people costs. Customers can take advantage of engineering expertise whenever they need assistance. These engineers have established best practices based on working with a wide variety of companies and their needs. The diverse solutions CSP engineers develop exceed what an engineer over a single company experiences.

Maximize uptime

In a self-managed physical environment, hardware failure can be a major setback for businesses. It can cause downtime, which leads to loss of data, potential sales and overall productivity. In the event of a hardware failure, the IT team must rush to try to get the environment back online, pulling them away from focusing on strategic tasks to fix issues. In a cloud environment, hardware is clustered and redundant. If a node is lost, a cloud environment automatically moves virtual machines to a healthy node. Whenever a hardware failure does occur, it can be identified and resolved by the provider without users ever feeling the effects of the failure.

By choosing a cloud provider, you have access to a full suite of managed services. Backup, disaster recovery and security solutions are easily added for a more resilient cloud solution. These added services help maximize uptime and restore data should an issue occur, preventing loss of valuable data.

Take advantage of high performing, ultra-reliable resources

Cloud users can take advantage of the fact that cloud providers are able to host VMs on premium gear. For many companies, the up-front capital costs associated with investing in this infrastructure are cost prohibitive. Because of economies of scale, cloud providers can offer their resources on high-end, ultra-fast and reliable infrastructure. Performance and availability are backed by the provider’s SLA uptime guarantees.

Migrating to the cloud is an efficient strategy that allows you the agility to keep up with evolving business demands. When utilizing Immedion as a CSP, customers can rely on us as an extension of their IT team -- providing infrastructure upkeep and engineering, and maintaining always on performance and productivity. Learn more about Immedion’s ultra-reliable, high performance cloud services.

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