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Add Protection to the top of your IT Department’s Resolution List

As you ring in the new year and implement your business’s 2018 IT strategy, don’t forget to add data protection to your list of resolutions. Disaster recovery, security monitoring and systems management are essential to mitigate risk and protect your business’s mission critical data and systems. Follow these best practices to make protection a priority in 2018:

Review your backup and DR strategy.

Your data is one of your business’s most valuable assets. Without a backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution, you risk losing it all to downtime caused by a natural disaster, human error or power failure. To ensure your mission critical data and applications are constantly retained, implement a backup solution that is flexible and scalable to your business’s needs. Schedule backups at regular intervals and be sure to store the copies at off-site locations. Although backups are vital, they do not encompass an entire DR plan.

Your DR plan should include specific recovery goals tailored to your business’s tolerance for downtime. The recovery point objective (RPO) is the maximum acceptable amount of data loss in time and the recovery time objective (RTO) is the maximum length of time allowed before your business can resume normal operations. Even if your business already has a DR plan in place, you should review it annually to make sure these objectives are compatible with your business’s current needs. We recommend implementing a flexible and simple Cloud-based DR solution or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS.) Immedion’s Recovery Cloud DRaaS allows you to choose the amount of space you need to protect your data and offers flexible RPO’s and RTO’s to fit your recovery needs.

Focus on cybersecurity.

In 2017, we experienced several major cyberattacks such as the WannaCry virus and Equifax breach. The size and scale of these breaches reinforced the importance of a good cybersecurity strategy. However, cyber defense is often challenging for businesses both in terms of financial and staffing resources. According to a recent SANS Institute whitepaper, small-medium businesses (less than 500 employees) cited finding available cybersecurity talent and paying cybersecurity talent as two of the top challenges facing their organizations when handling IT related issues. Additionally, the articles states staffing levels are at 50% of ideal for the average SMB, and employees are only able to spend about 7.5 hours per month on cybersecurity issues. Outsourcing security services may help close the staffing gap and ensure your business has the security precautions in place to protect your data.

Implement proper systems management practices.

The new year is a good time to review your systems management strategy to ensure your critical systems are well taken care of. An effective systems management strategy should include systems monitoring, asset and configuration management, anti-virus management, proactive systems administration and patch management. As experienced with the WannaCry virus, ITPro’s Top Security Resolutions for 2018 cites unpatched systems as one of the biggest threats to businesses today. Considering the staffing shortage mentioned earlier, it is no wonder patch management often falls to the wayside. However, it is a critical element in protecting your systems.

Don’t delay in protecting your business this year. Immedion’s technical experts can develop a customized plan to safeguard your business data. Putting protection at the top of your resolution list will help your business be prepared in 2018.


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