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Choosing the Right MSSP for Your Business

Security remains a key issue facing technology professionals today. With all of the high-profile breaches in the past year, it’s no wonder that fears over security and malware outbreaks continue to keep IT executives up at night. Although security should be a company-wide initiative, IT executives are often held responsible for safeguarding their organizations against an attack. Unfortunately, the rise in cybercrime attacks, increase in compliance requirements and shortage in skilled security personnel make protecting your company’s information assets an extremely difficult task.

As a result, many companies have turned to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to protect their data. Gartner has predicted that the managed security service (MSS) market will grow from $12 billion in 2013 to more than $22.5 billion by 2017. By utilizing a MSSPs, companies have the ability to leverage a high level of security and compliance expertise, allowing them to focus on their core business. Outsourced solutions are also typically more cost-effective than internal solutions. However, finding the right MSSP for your business can be challenging. So how can you determine which MSSP is right for you?

Understand your needs. Before selecting an MSSP, it’s important for companies to have a clear understanding of their needs. A security risk assessment can be a valuable tool to identify and quantify the risks associated with an organization’s information assets. A good security risk assessment should also identify the costs associated with your most critical risks, which can help justify any additional security spend. Once your security needs are identified, look for a MSSP that meets your exact needs.

Evaluate technology and tools. Since security threats are constantly evolving, it’s important to choose a MSSP committed to investing in technology and tools. Ask your MSSP how they re-invest in their technology and systems to combat new attacks and make sure you understand how their systems and technology are structured to protect your data. The MSSP should also provide a user-friendly management tool, such as a web-based portal, to give your employees quick access to your entire security infrastructure.

Reputation of the MSSP. Companies are ultimately responsible for the security of their data, even when it is outsourced to a MSSP. So it’s important to choose a MSSP you trust with an excellent record of customer satisfaction. Does the MSSP serve other customers similar in size and industry as your own? Since every industry comes with its own security requirements and risks, it’s important to know whether your MSSP has experience within your specific industry. You should also look for a MSSP with long-term customers and a high rate of customer retention. This is a good indicator of customer satisfaction. Lastly, ask to speak with several customer references similar in size and industry to your own to find out the pros and cons of working with the provider.

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