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Disaster Recovery in Today's IT Landscape

Immedion is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technological advances and trends and delivering them to our customers. We know how challenging it can be to maintain and implement the most up to date advances, so we make it a priority to learn and assist in the implementation process for our customers. Our Senior Director of Managed Services, Brad Alexander, recently shared some of his insights about Disaster Recovery in today’s IT Landscape:

As a trusted IT partner and resource, what are some of the primary challenges you see facing your customers today?

IT is continuously changing, and companies are relying on IT departments to keep their systems up to date and running at all times. As IT professionals, they are under more pressure to keep the business systems secure and continuously available. Businesses are creating more data than ever before, and IT is responsible for storing and maintaining it. With explosive data and application usage, the best practices for automation and protection have evolved as well. Security threats are constantly increasing and probing systems for access. There is less room for error and an increased demand for state of the art technology. Meanwhile, companies are often unable to grow their staff due to the budget and resource limitations in today’s business climate.

Immedion is often able to take many of these burdens off our customers and their IT staff and serve almost as extension of their IT department to ensure that their systems remain always on regardless of situation and usage. We work with our customers to engineer and create solutions that will work best for them with as little or as much additional oversight as necessary.

How does Disaster Recovery factor into these challenges and/or their resolution?

In order to continue running in the event of a disaster, businesses need easy, reliable DR solutions. Virtual or cloud-based DR allows for quick back-up, testing and growth over time. Immedion’s Recovery Cloud takes this necessity one step further by allowing companies to test and report on their Disaster Recovery solution during normal business hours without impacting their primary production. Testing no longer has to be scheduled over the weekend or in the evenings, and better yet, because production can continue normally no downtime will occur.

Immedion makes it a point to sit down with our DR customers and help them tailor-design a DR solution that allows them to fail-over and run from their DR environment just as if they were running from their production environment. For example, SCRA was able to use the Immedion DR Cloud to operate while moving offices. Our solution allowed SCRA to fail over seamlessly through the automation processes we put in place during the configuration of their virtualized DR plan.

What do you see as the future of Disaster Recovery?

I view Immedion’s Disaster Recovery Enterprise Recovery Cloud as a next-generation Disaster Recovery solution. We work with our customers to build virtualized DR solutions that are so automated it almost renders disasters as non-events. Fail-back is just that seamless.

We can provide this level of protection because we are focused on maintaining and providing a state-of the art infrastructure that ultimately supports our DR solution. And because we manage the network, compliance, and infrastructure, our customers can continue to do business seamlessly regardless of outside events. Furthermore, our solution is easy to test and report on. This is required for some compliance audits, but moreover, it is a necessary step to ensure that such a seamless transition is possible in any situation. We are dedicated to helping our customers implement the best business continuity plan for them.


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