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Emerging Cloud Trends

There is no doubt that 2014 was a big year for the Cloud, and the future looks even brighter.

According to Market Research Media’s “Global Cloud Computing Market Forecast 2015-2020,” the cloud market is predicted to grow at a 30% CAGR by 2020. As the Cloud matures and adoption rates continue to increase, we are starting to see several trends emerge.

Strengthened security. Many have dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Data Breach,” so it’s not surprising that security will continue to be a front runner this year when it comes to the Cloud. Computerworld’s recent survey shows that nearly half of the IT leaders polled will start investing more in security over the next year. As threats continue to rise and shake both companies and consumers, many businesses are investing in preventative actions to reduce the impact that security threats can have on their company’s most critical data. Companies are also investing in detection and monitoring tools to speed up their response times when a breach does occur.

Hybrid solutions. Hybrid Cloud is also helping to bridge the security gap for many businesses. With the ability to pair the cost efficiencies of public Cloud with the security of private Cloud or physical hardware, hybrid Cloud offers a ‘best of both worlds’ solution. As a result of this flexibility, the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that hybrid Cloud will grow by 50% this year, a much higher rate than is expected for public or private solutions.

Cloud-Centric Design. In the past, companies have looked toward migrating their existing data to a cloud model. Instead of always taking this approach, Gartner predicts that in order to fully exploit the cloud model, which is full of unique characteristics and limits, applications will be developed with a cloud model in mind from the start. Through the initial creation of cloud optimized applications, more time can be spent on critical business decisions and less time spent modifying existing data.

Keeping an eye on these trends can be essential in helping to save your company money, at the same time not missing out on any opportunities. While some trends can come and go, I feel these are staples in assuring your company keeps a well-rounded plan. Staying ahead can be possible by frequently reviewing your strategies.

Which cloud trends do you feel will have the highest impact on your business?

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