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Extend Your IT Department

The role of the IT professional has undergone a transformation in recent years: from a support unit tasked with the upkeep of a business’s systems toward a broader role of business strategist and operations consultant. In addition to providing support and security, IT professionals are tasked with enhancing performance, increasing efficiency and ensuring the uptime of data and systems. These objectives promise to increase the demand on IT departments as constant uptime and performance become more and more tied to the digital sphere.

IT departments are often understaffed for the objectives before them. Additionally, it is a challenge to find IT professionals that are experienced and capable, making meeting these growing demands a greater challenge.

Immedion operates as an extension of our customers’ IT departments. Our technical team is available to our customers to work with them to create and provide the right technical solution for their business. Our experienced staff relieves the burden placed on so many IT departments by providing a suite of managed services, security, and state-of-the art performance with as little or as much assistance as our customers want.

Increasing Uptime

Businesses can’t afford to ignore the steep cost of downtime. According to Network World, data center downtime costs an average of 9k per minute. Many businesses seek to ensure constant uptime to protect against such risk.

One of the best ways to ensure uptime, however, is 24x7x365 monitoring and management. Having a person on-site at all times provides a physical layer of protection for data and systems. Technicians monitor systems and equipment, performing regular checks and tracking systems’ telemetry data. They notice if a system is not operating efficiently and can schedule maintenances before it becomes a larger problem. This not only prevents costly maintenances, but also protects against downtime. This requires a well-trained, robust IT department with enough resources to keep someone always on-site. Businesses need a solution that works both for their staffing budget and uptime goals.

Immedion delivers constant monitoring to our customers. There is always someone on-site at all our locations monitoring systems and the facilities. We serve as an extension of our customers’ IT departments and work with them to deliver the monitoring they need to meet the increasing demand for always on systems and applications.

Enhance Performance and Efficiency with Cloud

Businesses want to be sure they are truly getting the most efficient and best performance possible from their Cloud environment. No one wants business applications and systems to slow their work flow, and thus, IT departments need state of the art Cloud performance to ensure that they can deliver on business expectations.

Our engineers work with our customers to configure a unique solution that will support additional growth and combat performance erosion. This means that the Immedion Cloud not only performs exceptionally fast, but it also ensures that our customers can expand their computing resources and storage usage without worrying about affecting performance. Our experts are readily available to ensure state of the art performance to our customers and assist them in any way they need.

Although staffing and talent acquisition is often a challenge in achieving IT objectives, Immedion offers a solution to bridge the talent gap. Our team of experts is always on hand to function as an extension of the IT department, saving time and allowing IT staff members to focus on the operations and business strategy goals for which IT is becoming so necessary.

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