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Important Elements in Providing a Stable Cloud Infrastructure

As Cloud computing evolves as an infrastructure solution, it is important to remember that all virtual environments are not created equal. A well-managed Cloud environment can offer great value in terms of scalability, flexibility and cost-savings. However, a poorly managed virtual solution can mean endless headaches and unforeseen problems. As an enterprise-class Cloud services provider, we’ve found that the following elements are critical in providing a reliable, stable Cloud environment.

Built-in redundancy. Like any other technology solution, the Cloud isn’t perfect. But, the good news is that there is a way to minimize the impact from an outage or failure – it’s called planned redundancy.  Redundant power, networking devices and storage go a long way in making sure that your Cloud is as reliable as possible. The ideas is simple - if one server goes down due to a failure, disaster or even during maintenance, another server will take over without any impact to end users.

Start with the right foundation. Even in a virtual environment, hardware plays an important role in providing a solid foundation. Using enterprise-class hardware to support a Cloud environment means that you won’t have to fight unknown bugs and other software issues, which puts you one step ahead of the game.

Regular maintenance. Cloud infrastructure still requires regular maintenance. Our best practices include daily, monthly and quarterly checks on all of our Cloud environments to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. In an outsourced solution the service provider typically maintains the infrastructure, reducing burden of maintenance from your IT personnel and freeing them up to focus on more profitable tasks. 

Security. Cloud service providers typically provide physical security measures, but network security is often left to the customer. As corporate networks become increasingly critical to the productivity of your organization, it is important to protect your network against malicious attacks. To protect your network, Immedion partners with SilverSky to offer our customers the best managed security services (MSS) available. Implementing a MSS reduces the risk of downtime due to network attacks.

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