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Keeping your Business Secure in a Remote Work Environment

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought new challenges to virtually every business as organizations work to implement business continuity plans and remote worker strategies. We’ve seen a surge in the amount of phishing campaigns and online scams as bad actors are increasingly taking advantage of distracted businesses -- especially their remote workers. A remote workforce poses heightened vulnerabilities, but by following these tips, you can help ensure your business and data stays safe and secure.

Things to look out for:

Make sure employees take caution when seeking updates on the state of the virus. There are several malicious COVID-19 themed sites and booby-trapped URLs lurking, including maps of the virus spread that are loaded with malware.

Take extra precaution with any email that holds information regarding the outbreak, especially those with headlines that sound urgent or too good to be true. Avoid opening emails, downloading attachments or clicking on suspicious links sent from unknown or untrusted sources. Don’t be lured into opening attachments or clicking links that promise vital information about the virus. Refer to this article by Forbes for a list of potentially dangerous domains and URLs to avoid.

Things to do to protect your data and network:

Continue to educate and remind employees of basic phishing awareness concepts. Encourage them to be extra vigilant when going through emails, but also remind them that email is not the only means of a phishing attack. Attackers might also send an SMS or launch targeted social engineering attacks via social media.

While employees work from a home environment, they should follow these security best practices:

  • Secure wireless access with strong password
  • Ensure automatic updates are turned on for Windows and Mac
  • Make sure anti-virus software is up to date
  • Change the default passwords on home network and devices like smart home, TVs, etc.
  • Lock screen when away from workspace
  • Protect company data by keeping kids and others away from screen while connected to company network
  • Limit browsing as you would in the office; don’t open personal email

Lastly, ensure your most important data is being backed up frequently to minimize data loss. Utilize an offsite backup service, for example cloud backups, to make sure lost files can be recovered in the event of a ransomware attack. This service works by mirroring local data and sending the backup copies to a provider’s secure cloud environment. The data is then available for restore without the need for a VPN or network configuration and can be restored at a much faster rate than traditional backup methods.

Immedion is committed to helping businesses stay Always On. For more ways to ensure your business stays secure and productive in a remote work environment, check out these tips from our experts.

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