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A Look Into IT Trends for 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, IT decision makers are looking to allocate their 2019 IT resources to drive digital transformation, increase efficiency and protect against future security threats. According to Spiceworks State of IT Budgets report, 89% of companies expect their IT budgets to grow or stay steady in 2019. With these steady resources, we can expect to see some changes in IT trends in the coming months. We’ve broken down spending priorities for 2019 as compared to 2018 and which emerging tech trends are on the rise in the coming year.

Priorities for 2019

Many organizations reported at the end of 2017 that they’d like to invest in futuristic tech like AI and Virtual Reality but, when it came down to it, adopting newer technology was put on hold and upgrading IT infrastructure was the main priority this year. In the IT industry, there is constant change and advancement in technology, and because of that one thing remains the same every year – the need to upgrade IT infrastructure. As the Spiceworks report states, the biggest driver for IT budget increases in 2019 is once again the need to refresh outdated IT infrastructure.

Although 64% of companies plan to upgrade IT infrastructure, the survey found that the refresh budget will be allocated differently depending on the size of the organization. Small businesses will spend the increase on hardware while large enterprises will look to the cloud to save on total cost of operations. Larger organizations will put more of their cloud budget toward storage and IT management tools while medium companies will use the cloud for productivity solutions, and smaller businesses for web and email hosting.

Emerging Tech Trends

When it comes to investing in new technology, adoption rates vary depending on company size. This is to be expected as large enterprises have more resources to invest in innovation and tend to lead the way. Spiceworks 2019 State of IT report states that tech trend adoption rates are up to 10 times higher in large businesses compared to smaller ones.

The report surveyed IT decision makers across all company sizes and industries which new tech trends would have the biggest impact on the future of their business; over 40% responded with IT automation and 30% said IoT (Internet of Things) technology and gigabit Wi-Fi. The survey also asked IT buyers which emerging tech trends are in the works to be adopted in 2019:

  • 57% of organizations plan to use some form of IT automation
  • 48% plan to adopt IoT devices

According to an article by Forbes, as more companies plan to move to the cloud next year, cybersecurity threats will continue to increase. Despite this, plans to adopt emerging security tools like hardware authentication or breach detection systems still largely depend on an organizations size and industry. The Spiceworks report found that financial services and healthcare organizations, both highly regulated industries, have the highest rates for adopting new security tools. IT professionals across all company sizes were asked which emerging security solution they believed to be the most effective investment for 2019:

  • 59% said employee security training tools like end user security awareness and testing
  • Breach detection systems at 37%
  • Anti-ransomware solutions at 37%

Lastly, moving to the cloud is no emerging trend, but hybrid cloud solutions in particular are on the rise for 2019. Many companies need to use a blend of private and public clouds but have found that making the full transition is more complex than expected. In 2019, companies will look to a hybrid cloud approach that allows them to fully transition to the cloud at their own pace and still take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility. Immedion’s Hybrid Cloud is ideal for combining public and private cloud resources or integrating physical infrastructure with the cloud.

Whether you plan on implementing a hardware refresh in 2019 or investing in new technology trends to keep up with your growing business, Immedion can help make sure you’re allocating your IT resources to best fit your business’s needs! Our technical advisors can help you determine the right IT solution and architect a solution that incorporates the exact level of compliance and management your environment requires. Contact us to get started on your 2019 IT strategy!

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