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Managed SIEM: a Critical Component of Your Security Solution

Cyberattacks are constantly evolving, finding new and more complex ways to avoid detection and exploit your network. Whether your business is large or small, it is critical to have a security solution in place that not only prevents attacks, but also helps you discover threats and recover from any attacks that do occur. That being said, security solutions can often be expensive and require expertise that most organizations are not able to afford. Not to mention, implementing, managing and monitoring security technologies in-house can be a headache – that’s why many organizations choose to outsource to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that offers security services instead.

Managed Security Services

As cybersecurity continues to be a top concern, many MSPs have responded by offering more robust cybersecurity services to cover the prevention, detection and response elements of a complete security strategy. Here is a breakdown of how each managed security service fits into your comprehensive solution:

  • Prevent:
    • Next Generation Firewall & Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
    • Anti-virus and Patch Management
    • Employee Security Awareness Training
  • Detect:
    • Network Monitoring
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Technology
    • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Respond:
    • IT Support Services
    • Backup
    • Disaster Recovery

Diving Deeper into Managed SIEM

So just what is SIEM Technology and how does it work along with the other core managed security services to enhance your security posture? Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a technology solution that collects and analyzes data in real-time to discover trends, detect threats and enable organizations to investigate security alerts. SIEM technology gives complete visibility into your network and devices to quickly identify security risks and, in turn, helps reduce the time between incident detection and response.

A managed SIEM service combines the threat intelligence of SIEM technology and 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring services to consistently watch for critical threats, quickly identify security events and alert a response team. While your Next Generation Firewall, antivirus, IPS and web content filtering work to prevent malicious attacks, managed SIEM acts as an advanced detection layer to find any suspicious activity that may slip through the cracks. Managed SIEM also plays a key role in the response element of your security strategy; whenever a known bad actor is detected, the managed SIEM technology automatically performs threat remediation. If the threat is unknown, the security analysts on the SOC team will recognize the attack within minutes and send an alert for response. When pairing your managed SIEM service with infrastructure management or endpoint management, you ensure a team is responding to and remediating threats and vulnerabilities in real-time.

As we mentioned before, managing a security solution can be costly and complex for most businesses. Here are just a few ways a complete managed security solution with managed SIEM alleviates those challenges:


In-house security solutions are often cost prohibitive. They require expensive hardware, licensing and renewals, not to mention the cost of hiring, training and staffing an in-house security team to monitor and analyze the network for threats. In most cases, Managed SIEM is offered as a monthly service, (an operational expense), making the cost predictable and more affordable than the capital expense of security hardware. Staffing a security department is extremely expensive, and most companies just don’t have the resources to do so, especially around the clock. Managed SIEM includes the 24/7 expertise of certified SOC professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated SOC, which is invaluable to improving your security posture.

Saves Time and Resources

SIEM technology is complex and takes time and internal resources to properly setup, monitor and optimize. A managed SIEM provider has already done all the planning, architecture and design of the solution. Your staff doesn’t need to take valuable time to setup the solution; the provider can quickly install and deploy it for you with no impact to end-users. Instead of your internal resources spending time sifting through notification overload and risking the chance of missing an important alert, the SOC team included in a managed SIEM service analyzes your endpoints to establish standard versus suspicious activity, ensuring you are only alerted to critical threats.

Compliance Assistance

Many organizations must adhere to strict regulatory compliance requirements. Not only do they have to protect sensitive customer data, but they also must prove their security approach to auditors. Most managed SIEM solutions provide quick and easy reporting for auditors and logs that give you the ability to show a historical review of incidents. Immedion’s managed SIEM solution helps businesses maintain PCI, HIPAA or NIST compliance by providing daily log and event review and compliance-specific and audit-ready reports. Immedion’s managed SIEM also satisfies key portions of PCI and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Immedion’s Managed Security Services

Whether your business is part of a frequently targeted industry like healthcare or finance, or you’re looking to strengthen your security posture to defend against more sophisticated cyberattacks, a comprehensive managed security solution can help. Immedion’s suite of managed security services offers a robust and affordable solution for your security needs – from prevention and detection to response. With the launch of Immedion’s Managed SIEM service, now customers have available to them a threat identification solution to help elevate their security posture even more. Request a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about how managed security services can help you.

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