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Outside the Box Use Cases for Your DR Environment

Disaster Recovery (DR) typically conjures images of hurricanes, tornados or other weather-related disasters. However, your DR solution may be useful for more than just a weather emergency. These outside the box use cases can help you get more mileage out of your DR investment.

Protect your business against human error.

As mentioned previously, when we discuss DR we often talk about protections from weather-related disasters such as hurricanes and tornados that cause unplanned outages and leave businesses down in the aftermath. However, there is another, far more common cause of downtime. The Uptime Institute estimates that human and mechanical error account for approximately 88% of unplanned outages. Having an off-site, alternative DR environment means that if something has gone wrong in your primary environment, you can simply fail-over and continue operating while you make the necessary repairs.

Failover environment for maintenance windows.

Technology requires proper maintenance and care, but downtime affects the bottom line whether it’s for maintenance or not. While many schedule maintenance windows in off-hours, there is always the possibility it takes longer than expected. Ensuring that your business can run as it needs to is just as much a priority as the maintenance required. Having a reliable DR solution allows you the best of both worlds.

While you’re doing maintenance on your primary environment, you can failover and operate from your DR environment. This not only allows for your business to continue running, but it also gives your employees a chance to run through the failover procedures.

Prepare for an office move.

Moving is always a headache, but in the case of offices with large amounts of data and technology, it’s particularly difficult. Though DR solutions are typically purchased as a failover in the event of disasters such as hurricanes or fire, the failover and backup options available can ensure a safe and seamless office move as well. For example, when SCRA moved their offices they utilized Immedion’s disaster recovery solution. They were able to easily failover to their DR environment before the move, and used it as their production environment for weeks without experiencing any increase in latency. Failing over to their DR solution allowed them a seamless transition to their new office without the nerve-racking possibility of extended downtime.

Continue operations during ransomware attack.

Your disaster recovery environment may be key to continuing to operate in the event of a Ransomware or hacker attack on your business. While your primary environment may be frozen or compromised, you can run through your DR environment.

Immedion’s DR partner, Zerto makes this especially easy by segregating the point of infection and then recovering VMs in an isolated bubble network to ensure that your DR environment is safe. After the VMs are certified infection free, you can failover and run from your disaster recovery environment.

A disaster recovery solution is an investment ensuring the future of your company, protection for your mission-critical data and applications against weather related disasters, but it can be much more than that. It offers seldom considered perks to ensure continued production and protection regardless of human error, maintenance windows, office moves and even ransomware.

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