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Tech Trends for 2015

From the rapid adoption of Cloud computing to large-scale security breaches, this has been an exciting year in the technology industry. As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to look forward to the tech trends that will shape the coming year. Gartner’s research experts recently announced their Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. The trends covered in Gartner’s analysis are considered to have the highest potential to impact IT within the next three years. Here’s a look at some of the items relevant to the data center and Cloud services industry:

Cloud/Client Computing. Cloud computing has appeared on the Gartner list for the past six years in one form or another. As a Cloud services provider, we continue to see rapid growth in this area with many customers taking advantage of hybrid Cloud as a way to bridge the gap between physical and Cloud infrastructure.

The convenience of the Cloud among multiple users is a key theme in next year’s predictions. Most companies rely on some sort of information transfer between their infrastructure and the end user’s device. Making sure data is synchronized in a centralized location plays a significant role in ensuring that all devices receive the same, consistent information.

Web-Scale IT. According to Gartner, “Web-scale IT is a pattern of global-class computing that delivers the capabilities of large Cloud service providers within an enterprise IT setting.” By adopting the simplified infrastructure, architecture and process best practices of web giants such as Google and Facebook, smaller enterprise-class organizations will have the ability to scale rapidly, efficiently and without interruption.

From an infrastructure standpoint, Cloud computing is a natural fit for companies looking to adopt a Web-scale model. The Cloud allows organizations to start small if needed and then scale quickly to meet increases in demand without being overprovisioned.

Risk-Based Security and Self-Protection. Massive data breaches from major retailers including Target and Home Depot served as a wake-up call for the IT industry this year, causing many to question traditional security methods. Overall, Gartner urges companies to implement more sophisticated risk assessment and mitigation tools to keep up with ever-changing security threats. From a technical standpoint, Gartner recommends building security directly into individual applications rather than relying on firewalls and perimeters alone.

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