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Technology Trends for 2016

The IT industry is always changing, and 2015 has been no exception. Now that the year is winding down, it’s time to look forward to the trends and advancements that stand to shape 2016. Gartner recently announced their Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016. The trends outlined in this report are expected to mold the IT industry through 2020. Here’s a look at some the items most relevant for the data center and Cloud services industry.

Adaptive Security Architecture. There’s been undeniable growth in the hacker industry over the past several years. According to Gartner, “Relying on perimeter defense and rule-based security is inadequate, especially as organizations exploit more cloud-based services and open APIs for customers and partners to integrate with their systems.” In addition to traditional blocking security measures, IT leaders will need to focus on threat detection and response. As security attacks and breaches continue to evolve, staying informed and ahead of the curve to keep our customers’ data secure continues to be one of our top priorities.

Mesh App and Service Architecture. Traditional architecture is giving way to a more integrative approach that enables Web-scale, performance, flexibility, and agility.   Application developers are using agile programing techniques and cloud scale technologies to allow for a more scale-out compared to scale-up architecture.  Virtual instances can be deployed using multiple providers for redundancy and price effectiveness based on application uptime requirements.

We have recently announced a partnership with OnApp and VCloud Air Network to provide seamless cloud management and enable customers to access their information and applications in one simple location. Our cloud management platform will help organizations consume resources from multiple vendors and geographic locations allowing for the correct workload to be deployed using the best service.

What does this mean at Immedion? We will continue to help our customers keep their competitive edge by investing in cutting edge technology to protect their data and better their user experience. Our mission is to provide a secure, robust, and easy to work with environment for customer data and technology operations while providing unwavering customer support.

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