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Time to Refresh your Traditional Firewall with Next Gen Firewall

Over the past decade, we have seen attack threat vectors change, the introduction of new vulnerabilities and methods of access become increasingly sophisticated. If your business is sitting on old firewall technology, it may be putting your organization’s security at risk. The typical refresh period for firewalls is approximately five years. That said, if your organization hasn’t refreshed within the last five to ten years, it is time to make that change.  

With the sophistication of modern threats, we recommend at a minimum arming your business with a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) with built in IPS, threat intelligence and protection. A Next Generation Firewall can cover most of these security bases without deploying too many point products, which could increase the complexity of management and maintenance. Implementing Next Gen Firewalls can also reduce your total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) by consolidating several of your existing technologies into a single solution.

Next Generation Firewalls vs. Traditional Firewalls

What does a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) have that your current traditional firewall doesn’t have? Newer, Next Gen Firewalls are designed to inspect your network traffic at a much finer level. Below are a few benefits Next Gen Firewalls offer that your traditional firewall may not offer in a single unit.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) – The ability to inspect network packet signatures and the usage of advanced anomaly detection to block threats.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) – As packets pass through inspection points, Next Gen Firewalls inspect packet headers and the packet payload to search for and block threats like malicious content or sensitive data exfiltration.

SSL Inspection – Even in situations where traffic is encrypted, Next Gen Firewalls can inspect this encrypted traffic to stop known threats that may have been encrypted.

You may have IPS and even Deep Packet Inspection running in your network, but it’s likely they are running on a separate device and not within your current firewall. Using a Next Gen Firewall with integrated IPS provides increased performance and accessibility of information from all layers of your network traffic.

Increase security without compromising productivity

Next Generation Firewalls offer application control within the device, which significantly improves your ability to prevent certain employees from using specific applications throughout the day without affecting those whose job responsibilities require using those applications.

Consider this scenario: Your management team has noticed that employees are using social media frequently, slowing down productivity throughout the day, so the IT manager suggests blocking social media IPs in your traditional firewall, which will prevent staff from accessing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram from their desktop. After the security administrator blocks the social media IPs, the marketing department calls the help desk because they can’t access Facebook or Linkedin’s Ad Manager to check the statistics of their social media campaigns. Then, the inside sales team complains that they can’t access Linkedin Sales Navigator for business development and lead generation. Making one simple change on your old equipment just stopped your team from doing their job. Your IT team is now spending more time keeping a blocked IP list up to date, when instead all of this could be done inside a Next Gen Firewall. The Next Gen Firewall can block by application or application category, greatly simplifying the rule-set and reducing operational overhead.

When using application control and web content filtering from within the Next Gen Firewall, Immedion can control how each application is accessed and by whom. We can implement different levels of control on each specific application; for example, if you wanted to block Facebook Messenger, but allow the marketing team to access Facebook’s Ad Manager. Immedion’s Next Generation Firewall gives you the ability to secure your organization without compromising productivity.

Network security for any size organization

Immedion’s Next Generation Firewall is ideal for organizations of all sizes, whether you have one physical facility, or your organization is distributed with branch offices like that of a credit union, bank, car dealership, or medical office. Immedion offers a security solution that aligns with the needs of your business, and our team of infrastructure and security experts can design a solution that best meets your requirements.

Small businesses and branch offices

Not every organization is sized to provide the resources or expertise to properly implement a comprehensive security solution. Immedion’s Next Gen Firewall is completely implemented and managed by our security engineers, allowing smaller organizations to focus on their core business instead of worrying about security or staffing an engineer to take care of it.

Mid-sized to large businesses

Immedion offers a mid-tier Next Generation Firewall for organizations that have larger branch locations or distributed corporate campuses -- perfect for protecting against cyber threats, exploits, malware, and malicious websites and code. Additionally, the Immedion NGFW provides deep traffic inspection of thousands of on-premises and cloud applications. Immedion’s NGFW detects threats and will automatically stop and mitigate the threat.

Large enterprise organizations

At the top end, our Next Generation Firewall has all the same powerful capabilities as the mid-tier NGFW but offers more throughput with a 20 Gbps Firewall, 2.2 Gbps IPS, 1.8 Gbps within the unit. All our NGFW units include a proprietary Security Processing Unit (SPU) content and network processor for unmatched performance. The SPU offers firewall acceleration across all packet sizes, which will achieve maximum throughput, and additionally, VPN performance is improved with the Immedion Next Gen Firewall. Next Generation Firewalls are not designed for every application, which is why we recommend that no matter the size of your business, you work with our team of consultants to evaluate your current security readiness and posture.

We take the burden off your IT team

At Immedion, we understand that protecting your network and data is critically important, which is why we decided to launch the Immedion Next Generation Firewall. Immedion will implement and manage the Next Gen Firewall for you so that you can focus on supporting your core business. Deploying Next Gen Firewalls can be a large commitment, but when you allow our experienced team to implement and manage the deployment and long-term management, it takes the burden off your team. Learn more about Immedion’s Next Generation Firewalls.

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