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Top IT Strategy Trends for 2020

As we shift into this new year, IT decision makers work to put their 2020 IT strategy plans into action. According to Spiceworks 2020 State of IT Report, organizations will see another year of growth and opportunity for IT innovation as 44% of businesses planned to increase their IT budgets. We’ll uncover what will be the biggest drivers of technology investments in 2020 to keep you abreast on the most pressing infrastructure, software and service priorities for this year.

Manage Security Concerns

Security concerns account for one of the largest driving factors in IT budget increases this year. In fact, the State of IT survey found that one in four enterprises will increase their 2020 IT spend due to having experienced a recent security incident. While you probably know security is a critical investment, finding the right solution for your business’ specific needs can be a challenge. You need to ensure your solution is not only reliable, but also aligns with your company’s performance standards and budget.

When evaluating options, remember to make sure your solution is comprehensive and protects not just advanced security threats, but also the basics. Immedion’s Security Solutions include Backup, Update & Patch Management, Antivirus, Managed Security and Next Gen Firewall - all designed to work together to help you prevent, detect and recover from security threats.

Update Older Software

Upgrading older software, more specifically operating systems, is also on most organizations’ to-do list. While these updates are necessary for support reasons, remember that most importantly, outdated software leaves your systems vulnerable to security risks. As the end of service date (January 14, 2020) fast approaches for both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, most businesses expect to migrate systems in early January if they haven’t already done so. If you need help transitioning your systems, Immedion’s Microsoft specialists can help you plan and execute a seamless migration to the right system.

Replace Outdated Infrastructure

The Spiceworks survey also found that most businesses plan to invest in new infrastructure. While larger enterprises need new infrastructure to support company growth, the overall need for new infrastructure is to replace what’s outdated and implement emerging technologies. In fact, the survey reports that keeping IT infrastructure up to date will continue to be the top IT challenge this year.

An IT service provider like Immedion can help put you on the cutting-edge of IT while ensuring your solutions provide stability, performance and enhanced efficiencies – whether you choose colocation, cloud or a mix of both physical and virtual infrastructures.

Increase Storage

Big data, analytics and 5G are expected to drive the collection of massive amounts of data throughout the year, keeping the already high demand for storage on the rise. Increasing storage is a trending priority on many IT budget plans. According to Tech Republic’s Tech Budgets 2020 Guide, Object Storage and large scale, high-performance storage are in most high demand because of their ability to manage large amounts of data. The guide also recommends investing in a Endpoint Management service to ensure you have the right hardware in place and that it is configured and deployed properly in order to offset bottlenecks and meet your storage needs.

As you strategize for the year ahead, consider enlisting a technology service provider to help you navigate through your IT challenges. Immedion’s team of experts is available to help you identify the best infrastructure solutions, address your security vulnerabilities and transform your IT environment to best suit your business goals – schedule a consultation with us today!

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