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Two Key Factors in Performance and Availability of Cloud

The Cloud is an attractive solution for many small to mid-size businesses, however finding a solution that is both ultra-reliable and high performing is often too costly a proposition despite the increased efficiency and decreased downtime it could provide. By maintaining state of the art Cloud architecture and a first class network, Immedion provides always on, affordable Cloud solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. 

Regardless of business size, we recommend that companies looking to migrate to the Cloud discuss both architecture and network capabilities with their potential provider. Both of these influence the availability and performance of their Cloud solution.

State of the Art Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture plays an important role in ensuring your solution is highly available. Companies looking to migrate to Cloud should ask about architecture, availability history and fault domains. Typically, national Cloud providers use geographical differentiation to limit risk and operate in segmented availability zones, groupings of clusters in a single region that are supported by resource and power pools in that area. This still leaves customers vulnerable to human error and power outages. Data Center Frontier estimates that 75% of downtime is due to human error. Companies have to purchase resources in multiple zones to protect themselves and ensure that should their Cloud in one zone go down, they can fail over to resources in a different zone. Such a solution is also the financial equivalent of purchasing two Clouds and often doubles the cost, making it an unrealistic investment for small and mid-size companies.

At Immedion, our Cloud architecture allows us to protect customers within a single data center by offering smaller fault domains. Fault domains are single points of failure or a single reason that the Cloud could go down. Smaller fault domains help to mitigate the risk of downtime and are created by building additional redundancy into the Cloud so that regardless of circumstance, human error for instance, the Cloud can continue to run on its built in high availability features. Keeping the fault domains as small as possible (e.g., by limiting the number of hosts in a cluster), means that customers are better insulated against risk. We maintain smaller fault domains to protect our customers against human error, power outages, or other risks. Our Cloud architecture is designed and maintained to offer as much redundancy and availability as possible.

First Class Network

It’s also important to discuss the capabilities of your Cloud provider’s network. Some providers may be able to offer geographically diverse disaster recovery options, but are not able to provide the same IP address across the two locations. This makes testing and failing-over difficult.

Immedion’s recent network upgrade ensures that this is no longer a problem for our Cloud customers. Our network services are delivered using HSRP, Hot Standby Router Protocol, to ensure the customer’s network gateway is highly available via 2 or more Immedion routers.  Customers that subscribe to our cloud DR services in a second Immedion data center realize additional benefits of this configuration.  Immedion will configure the customer IP network to not only be highly available at the primary data center, but also be available at the DR data center as well.  With this configuration, the customer’s public network spans both data centers allowing customers to failover and failback between data centers without changing IP Addresses or updating DNS records. This allows our customers to maintain geographical diversity to protect themselves in the event of a disaster. While this technology is often costly for customers to implement on their own, Immedion has made it available and easy to access.

Immedion is dedicated to protecting our customers’ data and coming up with the best technical solution for their needs. We’re proud to provide a highly available, high performing Cloud solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of our customers with the support and dedication of a local provider.

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