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What to Look for in a Network Security Provider

Network and data security are becoming greater concerns for businesses across the nation, especially in light of the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Federal Trade Commission versus Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. The court upheld the decision from April 2014 that the FTC could hold Wyndham accountable for the multiple hacks and resulting stolen consumer data. Ultimately, analysts believe the decision results in what can be viewed as an extension of FTC authority, and companies must be sure to take all reasonable measures to properly secure their systems.

In a recent Security Intelligence article, security was noted to be one of the primary competencies where corporations believe outsourcing to a third party vendor will benefit their ability to serve their customers. Vendors that specialize in network and data security are typically better prepared to monitor, assess and combat any threats to your system. They are able to dedicate more man hours to consistent network and security monitoring, which according to a recent CIO article, may be the key to keeping your network and data safe and secure. Indeed, one of the majors concerns the FTC cited in their suit against Wyndham was Wyndham’s failure to notice and react to the breach.

What to Look For in a Third Party Security Provider

Managing your network and ensuring your data and systems are secure is not simply a 9-5 task. It’s important to find a provider that offers round-the-clock management of your network. A hacker or virus isn’t going to give you and your business a warning, so constant oversight is a must. Continuous monitoring ensures any disruption in the network is noticed and secured as soon as it happens.

For some industries, additional security regulations may apply. Healthcare and financial businesses will want to ensure that their third party security provider can assistant them in becoming HIPPA or SOC compliant. Likewise, if your business processes or stores credit card information, you will want to ensure that your information is secured within PCI regulations. A good third party provider will assist you in insuring your business is not only compliant but well protected.

Between the court decision in FTC vs Wyndham, the Target breach last year and the recent Ashley Madison hack scandal, it is clear that data security concerns are not going away. But it isn’t easy to manage on your own. Between continuous changes in risk and the growing sophistication of attacks, using a third party vendor that specializes in network and data secure may very well be the best way to assure yourself, your customers, and the regulation agencies that you’ve done everything possible to prevent a costly breach of your network.

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