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Which Immedion Cloud Storage Tier is Best for your Workloads?

Cloud storage can have a big effect on the performance and reliability of the data and applications hosted within the virtual environment. Selecting the proper storage capabilities for your business’s workloads is an important aspect of ensuring your Cloud performs at its best. SSD storage offers high-performance capabilities, but is often more expensive than traditional spinning storage options, which is best used for archiving and back-up.

Immedion offers three different storage tiers and the capability to customize your storage usage within virtual machines. Before migrating our customers to the Cloud, we work with them to determine the solution that best serves their business goals. This includes examining cost effectiveness, performance requirements and usage. Together, we build a solution that best utilizes Immedion’s Cloud storage offerings. As part of that process, we examine the types of workloads that will be in the Cloud and which type of storage will ensure the best performance for the activity associated with the workload.

Immedion’s Standard SSD Storage

SSD storage is our standard storage option. It is a SSD storage solution, which means it’s lightning fast and ultra-reliable. Most workloads within virtual machines (VM) perform exceedingly well on this storage type. We recommend it for small to medium demand workloads. For example, this would support a medium-sized database and maintain top-notch performance and capabilities.

Immedion’s Performance SSD Storage

Performance SSD storage is for high demand workloads. It is a SSD storage solution, but it supports a higher number of operations and usage than our standard storage offering. It is also lightning fast and ultra-reliable, but it maintains those capabilities for a larger scale and higher usage demand. We often recommend Performance SSD storage for operations such as managing and maintaining large database applications.

Immedion’s General Purpose Storage

We also maintain NSAS/SAS storage options, and those fall into our General Purpose storage category. We recommend utilizing General Purpose storage for non-production environments. It is typically used for archiving, backups, and occasionally, disaster recovery options.

Customizing your Storage Utilization

At Immedion, we offer the unique capability through our Cloud management tool to segment storage types and assign specific workloads to them within your VM. This means you can ensure the performance your business requires and only pay for the exact levels of storage necessary. For example, you could assign your critical, large database application to Performance SSD storage and run the rest of your production applications on Standard SSD.   You could also take this a step farther and run your local operating system off of the Standard SSD while running your application (database and log) off of Performance SSD storage, all within a single virtual instance.  Our engineers can work with you to customize your storage and provide as much or as little management as you need.

Regardless of workload or storage tier, operating in Immedion’s Cloud comes with guaranteed support and assistance. We are always happy to work with you to ensure your Cloud and applications are performing their best.

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