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AccessAbility Services, Inc.

AccessAbility Services, Inc. is a document management solution provider helping regional companies meet cost and performance challenges head on. They provide document management solutions to businesses, both public and private, and government entities throughout the southeast.


As leaders in efficiency planning that handle sensitive data, AccessAbility wanted a partner that offered a high level of security that they couldn’t achieve onsite. The goal would be to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Based on AccessAbility’s needs and their continued growth, Immedion provided off-site managed hosting services at a dedicated data center.


By partnering with Immedion, AccessAbility has been able to expand their service offerings and ensure security compliance to better meet the demands of their customers.

  • Saved money with an off-site solution
  • Increased security for sensitive data
  • Achieved SOC compliance
  • Earned customer loyalty through exceptional customer service
  • Provided stability that allowed for expansion of services

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