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AP Recovery

Headquartered in Mount Pleasant, SC, AP Recovery has been in the payment recovery, compliance and risk prevention business for 25 years. The recovery audit firm is a trusted partner to clients across the globe and specializes in serving Fortune 1000 companies.


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business across the globe, leaving organizations no choice but to totally transform the way they operate in a very short amount of time. As restrictions on businesses were put in place, and with the health and safety of their staff and clients in mind, AP Recovery needed to shift to a remote workforce in order to continue serving their clients and partners through an unprecedented time.


Having already partnered with Immedion for colocation and disaster recovery services, AP Recovery had a healthy business continuity plan in place to ensure they could provide uninterrupted service during any unforeseen circumstance. After just a few days of planning for a remote workforce, AP Recovery’s team became 100% remote in mid-March. Fortunately, with Immedion’s bandwidth and strong network backbone behind them, the transition was seamless. AP Recovery’s employees were able to access critical files and applications via remote desktop and VPN with Immedion’s high-performance, highly available network.

When hard drives needed to be replaced in the data center, AP Recovery was able to take advantage of Immedion’s Remote Hands service to complete the task, eliminating the need for their own internal IT team to travel to the data center and keeping them safe.  


When making the unexpected transition to a fully remote workforce, AP Recovery had minimal disruption to their operations or their team’s productivity. Because of their high availability systems, they can continue to deliver the highest levels of performance, availability, security and support. AP Recovery stands ready to serve their clients through these trying times, and by leveraging Immedion’s solid infrastructure and bandwidth they can operate with confidence knowing their systems are running at the highest probability of uptime and availability.

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