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Bridge Commercial

A commercial real estate firm located in Charleston, SC, Bridge Commercial provides commercial office brokerage services, property management, leasing and construction services.


Bridge Commercial was in the process of launching their brand but hadn’t 
yet secured an office space. They needed to design and implement a new office network, including a local server and wireless access point and secure Internet—all before the office location had been selected and within a tight timeline. The design had to be adaptable to fit any space that Bridge Commercial might choose, with future growth in mind.

They would also need an ongoing IT solutions partner they could depend on for all of their IT needs. Their employees often work remotely or on weekends, so 24/7 support, both in and out of the office was a must.


Immedion worked with Bridge Commercial every step of the way to create a roadmap for building, maintaining and managing their IT infrastructure. Immedion’s engineers migrated all their existing email into Office 365 to provide a flexible, reliable and scalable email solution and also helped them secure Internet service. The network design and a complete backup and recovery solution were built to easily grow with the company, saving them growing pains in the future.

Immedion also manages all of Bridge Commercial’s technology needs, providing technology expertise that the company’s smaller internal IT team can rely on. Immedion’s 24/7 support ensures their business operations are always on, no matter where or when team members are working.


Immedion was able to successfully plan and implement phone and Internet service, a corporate network, an email solution, and data backup—all for a space that hadn’t yet been selected. The entire solution was implemented within a 30-day window, and Bridge Commercial was ready to open for business, on time and on budget.

Bridge Commercial continues look to Immedion to provide strategic consulting to help them navigate the ever-evolving IT needs of a growing company.

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