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Coveris develops packaging and coated substrates that protect everything from the food we eat, to medical supplies, to the touch screen devices in our pockets.


Coveris is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day. As a global leader in high performance packaging, Coveris maintains their competitive edge by continuously improving and utilizing the most up to date and efficient technology. That’s why they virtualized much of their IT infrastructure. In manufacturing every second translates to profit and revenue, making a smoother, more efficient process all the more important. In order for Coveris to continue to produce quality products, they need their applications and technical environment to consistently be not only up and running, but running smoothly, efficiently and quickly. Coveris has an abundance of data and information stored every minute, all of which is important to their manufacturing processes. Due to inefficient storage, some customers within a multi-tenet Cloud environment experience unpredictable application performance. Knowing this, Coveris sought a scalable and flexible Cloud solution with high performance storage capabilities that would save them valuable time with a lower total cost of ownership.


When Coveris chose Immedion’s All-SSD Cloud Storage solution powered by SolidFire, Immedion facilitated the switch with no downtime. The process was seamless and ensured that none of Coveris’s global facilities experienced any lag during the transition period. Immedion’s All-SSD Cloud Storage infrastructure is purpose driven and delivers quality performance in storage and deployment regardless of additional tenants within the Cloud structure or continued heavy usage. The system of arrays allows Coveris to meet business demands by ensuring that resources can easily be added or removed as needed, giving them more flexibility and scalability within their IT infrastructure. “The flexibility and quality storage performance has really made a difference in our processing times,” said Coveris IT Services Manager, Mike Grabski. “And Immedion made the transition so seamless and easy that I never hesitate to work with them to add more storage.”


Coveris has since transferred nearly their entire environment from messaging to production to Immedion’s All-SSD Cloud Storage solution. Switching to a high performance Cloud storage solution, especially with such a seamless transition, has improved the overall efficiency and processing times at Coveris. Better and faster storage has meant increased productivity and a better user experience overall. “Since switching to Immedion’s All-SSD Cloud Storage infrastructure, our efficiency has continually improved. Now our VMs run incredibly fast,” said Grabski. “Our reboot times have decreased substantially from minutes to mere seconds.”

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