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Dayton Superior

Founded in 1924 and headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Dayton Superior is the leading North American provider of concrete construction products for the non-residential construction industry. The company is comprised of 13 U.S. manufacturing industries and 15 distribution centers spanning across the world. As a global supplier utilizing real-time manufacturing, Dayton Superior’s systems must be always on or else production comes to a halt.


Dayton Superior needed a tech refresh – they were running low on resources and managing hardware on their own was becoming an expensive and intensive process. The organization sought a reliable solution that would allow them to free up both human and capital resources to focus on value-add initiatives. They needed a fully managed disaster recovery (DR) solution with resource scalability and ease of testing so they could ensure the data their operations run upon is constantly available.


Immedion engineered a dedicated private cloud located in Immedion’s Greenville data center for the DR environment. This solution gives the company full visibility of their environment. Dayton Superior’s data center connects locally to Immedion’s Cincinnati facility which then provides connectivity to Immedion Greenville. The inter-city connectivity helps meet geo-diversity requirements and allows Dayton Superior the flexibility to ramp up resources quickly and on demand.

Dayton Superior’s on-site production environment continuously replicates at the hypervisor level, easing the process and providing flawless recovery. Their IT Team doesn’t have to worry about managing multiple systems and keeping replications in sync. Immedion also monitors and manages Dayton Superior’s DR servers and platform to ensure replication services are up and running at all times.


Immedion’s Disaster Recovery solution provided Dayton Superior substantial savings on what would have been a costly capital expenditure. With Immedion’s server management, their IT team does not need to worry about maintenance. They can now replicate 60 percent more servers at 40 percent of the cost of managing DR themselves. Immedion’s industry-leading SLA’s for low recovery times give Dayton Superior the ability to run testing more often. Their recovery time once took up to 3 hours and is now down to 30 minutes. The solution also gives the company the agility to easily ramp up resources as needed.

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