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Founded in 2004, emediagroup is the only offset, digital and large format printer in South Carolina. They specialize in conventional printing, digital printing, large format printing, vehicle wraps and runners’ numbers.


Few things feel as helpless as being held captive. That’s exactly what befell emediagroup in January of 2017. “Walking in on a Monday morning and being greeted at the door by our IT person explaining ransomware is a sobering moment in any CEO’s career,” reflects Joel Hogg, CEO of emediagroup.

Ransomware can be a company’s worst nightmare, especially for a highly successful business like emediagroup. In one fell swoop of hacker terrorism, all of the company’s data and information since its start in 2004 was about to be erased. Think about that – everything, gone. Never to be recovered. “It’s a terrible feeling to think everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve built over the years is on the brink of being erased,” said Hogg. “It’s a sinking, desperate feeling.”


The emediagroup IT team called Immedion the weekend the incident occured, explaining their data was encrypted and their backups had failed. They had no access to any data. Available 24/7/365, Immedion was on hand to solve a ransomware problem that was quite complex. Immedion deployed three tech experts to emediagroup who worked straight through the weekend until the puzzle was solved.

“emediagroup was actually considering paying the ransom,” recalls an Immedion engineer, “that’s how dire the situation was.”


Fortunately for edmediagroup, Immedion is an expert in data recovery, whether it’s caused by hackers, a power outage, or a catastrophic event. The crisis was averted and emediagroup’s entire history of data was recovered. 

Since then, they have opted to use Immedion’s Managed Network Security Service, which includes 24/7 network monitoring to help eliminate threats before they become business-impacting problems. With Immedion, emediagroup has peace of mind knowing they can focus on their core business instead of worrying about another security breach. 

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