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enrollmentFUEL provides enrollment strategies and tools to colleges and universities nationwide. The company was founded to help schools find prospective students and to help students on their journey through the admissions process. Working in the virtual world, and with a focus on digital marketing, enrollmentFUEL depends on secure, always on access to their data.


enrollmentFUEL regularly works with student data from the schools they serve, and it is critical to their clients that this data is protected, secure and always available for use in digital and marketing campaigns. Because they work with colleges and universities across the U.S., enrollmentFUEL’s data storage solution must meet each individual state’s data privacy requirements. 

As a smaller business that strives to provide concierge service to their clients, it was important for enrollmentFUEL to find a local provider whose business values mirrored their own. They needed an IT team behind them who would be responsive and quick, and since enrollmentFUEL’s sales often depend on meeting clients’ requirements for compliance, network security, internet responsiveness and disaster recovery policies, their provider must deliver secure and reliable solutions.


enrollmentFUEL chose Immedion as their cloud partner because of their local proximity in Asheville. Additionally, they felt Immedion’s business model was a great fit—they were large enough to provide enterprise-class solutions, yet could still deliver nimble service and support. The Immedion Cloud helps enrollmentFUEL secure their customer’s sensitive student data and meet compliance regulations like GDPR and other state privacy acts. Immedion’s ultra-reliable, high performance cloud provides enrollmentFUEL real-time access to their data, enabling them to provide even better service to their clients.  


With Immedion, enrollmentFUEL knows exactly where their data is being stored, and they can confidently rely on Immedion as an extension of their IT operation to maintain the highest levels of security, compliance and service. When they need assistance, enrollmentFUEL knows Immedion is just a phone call away, and they will receive the level of care and responsiveness that resembles their own business practice. 

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