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Since 1997, IronRoad has provided the Cincinnati area with full-service, customizable employee administration solutions. IronRoad offers clients peace of mind and the ability to focus on their core business by streamlining employee administration, providing group buying power and reducing the burden of compliance and other financial liabilities.



IronRoad is dedicated to building partnerships and finding the best solutions for their clients. After making the decision to outsource, they sought an IT provider that shared their business values. As a professional employer organization (PEO), IronRoad handles sensitive data such as employee payroll, tax and benefits information. They required a secure, compliant and reliable technical solution for their data and systems. In addition, IronRoad sought a solution that would offer cost efficiencies without compromising the security and availability of their data. Finally, to keep up with company growth, IronRoad required the ability to quickly and easily scale up or down depending on business needs.


IronRoad selected the Immedion Public Cloud because it met their flexibility, scalability and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) compliance needs. Working one-on-one with the IronRoad team, Immedion’s cloud engineers developed a customized and highly reliable solution. With backup services replicating their mission-critical data to multiple Immedion data centers, IronRoad can rest assured their data will be available should they need to restore. To meet compliance and security requirements, Immedion provides around the clock firewall management and monitoring for always on network security.

In addition, Immedion offers a comprehensive set of cloud management tools giving IronRoad complete control of their environment and on-demand resource elasticity. The tool allows the ability to segment and assign different storage tiers for various workloads within a virtual machine. This means IronRoad can utilize the storage tier best suited for their workloads, resulting in cost efficiencies.


IronRoad’s compliance and flexibility requirements are met with Immedion’s deeply integrated Cloud and managed services suite. IronRoad effectively uses storage tiers to optimize the storage performance of their environment while maintaining tight cost controls. As a fast-growing company, IronRoad can rely on Immedion’s engineering team to complete projects on a short timeline and resolve issues quickly.

“The bar is set pretty high for me in regard to what I expect from a vendor, and Immedion has met that bar each and every step of the way,” said IronRoad’s IT Director, Ken Bailey. “From the simplest of requests to a major network change-over, every piece of the puzzle is covered. At IronRoad, we are dedicated partners to our clients. We couldn’t be happier to work with Immedion who shares those values and provides that same level of care.”

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