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Founded in 1954, KMK Law is a Cincinnati-based corporate law firm. The firm delivers sophisticated legal solutions to businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations, and their reach extends across the nation.


Due to aging hardware and infrastructure, KMK Law was ready for a full refresh of their storage and compute resources. However, revamping their in-house data center with a new IT platform, in addition to the cost of power and redundancy, would be too expensive of an investment. Another significant factor the firm had to consider was the risk involved in maintaining their IT equipment in an aging building, and with a modest IT team at that. KMK Law decided to outsource their in-house data center to a purpose-built environment through a cloud provider, a decision based largely upon risk reduction.


KMK chose Immedion as their provider because they were impressed with the Immedion team’s depth of knowledge and the technology and systems they had in place. Because Disaster Recovery (DR) offers a low-risk starting point for a cloud adoption strategy, Immedion first implemented DR and backup as a service via Immedion’s Recovery Cloud (DRaaS) to protect the firm’s production environment housed at their on-premises data center, just a few blocks from Immedion’s downtown Cincinnati facility. A private Metro Ethernet circuit between Immedion and KMK’s office  provides the necessary connectivity for data protection and replication.

After Immedion’s success in standing up the DR and backup solution, KMK decided it was time to move forward with the full transition to the cloud. The firm opted for a single-tenant environment in Immedion’s Private Cloud which provides the level of security and dedicated resources their business requires to protect their sensitive legal documents and ensure their business-critical applications are always available. In addition, Immedion’s Next Gen Firewall provides KMK advanced and comprehensive network security.


Rich Wills, CIO of KMK Law, says the transition to Immedion’s Private Cloud and Recovery Cloud platform has dramatically reduced the risk the firm carried when managing their data center in-house. Having access to Immedion’s experienced talent pool allows KMK’s in-house IT team to utilize their talents on IT projects that solve actual business problems rather than being left to maintain in-house equipment. 

What’s more, their partnership with Immedion proved invaluable when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and KMK was pressed to shift their on-premise staff of 230 employees to a completely work from home environment. The Immedion team quickly deployed the added resources KMK needed to meet the demands of a 100% remote workforce in a very short amount of time.

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