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Links Unlimited

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Links Unlimited provides innovative procurement and fulfillment solutions to customers across the globe. They partner with a growing list of premium retail brands including Amazon, Beats, Ray-Ban, Oakley and Google to provide the finest promotional and incentive products for everything from major credit card loyalty programs to swag bags at high-profile award ceremonies. Product sourcing, inventory management, wireless warehouse, real-time reporting, and reverse logistics -- these are just a few of the services Links Unlimited’s customers rely on that require 24/7 uptime and availability.


As Links Unlimited quickly grew, they noticed IT operations weren’t quite keeping up. Sporadic outages caused by slow servers were holding business operations back. Their small IT team was tied up with break fixes, which put development and innovation projects on hold. They knew it was time to make a move to a provider with better hardware and failover capabilities, plus engineering expertise and a high caliber of customer service that could match that of their own core values.

“Our organization leads with technology -- it’s not something we’ll skimp on,” said Brian Schank, Links Unlimited’s CTO. “During our research, our auditors were blown away by Immedion. From their security and compliance features, to bandwidth and backup software, switching over to Immedion just made more sense for us.”


Links Unlimited worked with Immedion’s engineers to virtualize their core business applications and host them in Immedion’s Cloud, gaining speed and stability. Designed to complement Links Unlimited’s virtual environment, Immedion’s Recovery Cloud (DRaaS) was easy to implement and offers hourly replication to ensure their recovery environment is never out of date. With one-hour recovery point objectives (RPOs) and four-hour recovery times objectives (RTOs), the Recovery Cloud can quickly failover to their disaster recovery (DR) environment should an issue arise for seamless operations. A customized backup storage and retention schedule ensures the company’s critical applications are constantly protected and retained.


Working within Immedion’s Cloud environment, Links Unlimited noticed significantly faster network speeds. Since moving, they have not experienced any issues with downtime, something they had to worry about at least once a quarter before. Having Immedion’s experienced engineering and support team as a resource has allowed their IT team to shift focus back to developing and enhancing their core services.

“Having Immedion’s expertise behind us has helped tremendously to relieve pressure on our IT team. From the very start of the conversion process, Immedion has shown they will deliver as promised or better. We know we can call on them at any time, and those are the kind of relationships we strive to build with our clients as well,” added Brian.

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