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McAngus Goudelock & Courie

McAngus Goudelock & Courie is an insurance defense law firm based in Columbia, SC. The metrics-driven firm is comprised of over 200 attorneys and 16 offices located across the Southeast. MGC’s team of legal professionals provide counsel to clients in all aspects of workers’ compensation, litigation and employment law.


MGC was facing significant capital expenditures in order to equip their data center with a new generator and upgrade their heating and cooling system. Billing by the hour as most law firms do, MGC knows just how expensive the cost of downtime would be to their business, but the costs associated with running a data center at the level of uptime they require is also very high. Therefore, they decided to outsource their IT infrastructure to a data center services provider. 

Many of the firm’s clients have strict technology and security requirements, and these must be fulfilled via MGC’s data center provider. Their provider must also deliver an always on, stable environment for MGC to house their critical business systems and protect their critical legal documents while adhering to industry retention guidelines.


MGC wanted a data center provider who was close by and had a great reputation. Fortunately, Immedion was within just 10 miles of the firm’s Columbia headquarters and came highly recommended by several of their peers. The firm chose Immedion’s Columbia data center to house their production environment and Immedion’s Greenville facility for their disaster recovery site. Immedion’s SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, 24/7 on-site staff and physical security controls check all the boxes for the security guidelines the firm’s clientele requires. The Immedion data center provides a stable, always on environment for MGC to host all critical components of the firm’s daily operation including their case management system, digital legal documents, email, billing system, phone system and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDIs). By replicating their data and applications to Immedion’s Greenville facility, MGC has a reliable disaster recovery solution to ensure that critical legal documents are protected and retained for the required seven-year retention period and, in some cases, for a lifetime.


“With our locations spread across the Southeast, we take comfort in knowing that when a hurricane or other disaster comes, our data is housed in a safe, secure location at Immedion,” said Roland Hundley, MGC’s Director of IT.

The move to Immedion also saved the firm countless man hours since they no longer need to worry about maintaining the heating, cooling and power an in-house data center requires. The IT team at MGC has been able to focus their time and talents on applications that help the firm deliver better legal services to their clients.

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