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Neal Brothers

Neal Brothers is a logistics company that specializes in global export packing solutions with a portfolio that includes the energy, oil & gas, mining, electrical, machine tool, automotive, construction and government sectors worldwide.


Despite their size and stature, Neal Brothers had been partnering with a small IT company that was unable to adequately service their entire organization. As a result, they experienced slow response times and faced ongoing unresolved issues. On top of that, their network lacked the level of security that a logistics company with international connections and interactions requires. With such a wide span of global partners, Neal Brothers needed an experienced IT provider that could support the vast amounts of data they transmit on a daily basis.


Neal Brothers decided to partner with Immedion because of their expertise and track record of providing excellent customer support. An initial needs assessment by Immedion uncovered that implementing IT Support, Backup and Microsoft Office 365 services would enable Neal Brothers to conduct their business without interruption.

Neal Brothers was able to leverage Immedion’s IT Support Services as a strategic arm to help design and execute the right technology plan for their needs. IT Support provides proactive monitoring and management of Neal Brothers’ critical devices to detect and remediate performance issues and network difficulties in real-time, plus keeps network security up-to-date with patching, anti-virus and penetration testing. As a comprehensive business continuity solution, Immedion’s Backup Service ensures the organization’s data is available for instant local recovery and replicated offsite for Cloud recovery. Finally, the addition of Office 365 gives Neal Brothers’ team members access to all of their data, documents, calendars and contacts from any device, keeping them connected across the world. Should employees need assistance, Immedion’s technicians are available to support to all end users.


Neal Brothers’ systems are now running at an optimal rate, and with a comprehensive network security solution in place and 24/7/365 availability, their team can deliver on their mission of providing exceptional service. Since forming the partnership, Neal Brothers has been able to focus on growing their business, while leaving technical issues to Immedion.

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