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Pacolet Milliken

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Pacolet Milliken is a family-owned investment company that operates through two divisions: real estate and energy/infrastructure.


Pacolet Milliken’s real estate division acquires and manages a diverse portfolio of businesses including retail offices and industrial parks. Once the properties are acquired, Pacolet must ensure that each has a comprehensive network solution in place for secure, efficient operations. They additionally needed a Managed Services provider who could evaluate their networks and IT infrastructure and provide reliable services.


Pacolet Milliken chose to work with Immedion because they could provide a level of reliability that Pacolet could not achieve at their own facility. Immedion also has the resources and expertise needed to provide technical guidance and infrastructure evaluation of Pacolet’s acquired real estate. After working closely with the Pacolet team, Immedion implemented a plan to provide on-site local network infrastructure for the corporate headquarters, including all laptops, desktops, a local file server, switches and firewalls. From the infrastructure’s inception, Immedion took charge of all project stages, beginning with the installation of new hardware and software that were seamlessly connected to structured-network cabling.

As an IT Support Service customer, Pacolet receives email hosting services and end-user support, both on desktops and mobile devices, giving them the advantage of fully-supported records rendered through Immedion’s technical team. Immedion also monitors Pacolet’s infrastructure and provides help-desk support on a 24/7/365 basis.


With Immedion as their trusted technical advisor, Pacolet Milliken can rest assured that the technology in their subsidiaries will function at an optimal rate. Immedion’s IT Support Services help the company’s real estate division complete acquisitions without technology being a hindrance, enabling them to be more productive and competitive.

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