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Based in Arden, NC, SimplyHome provides technology solutions to empower independence for people who are living with a disability or aging in place. SimplyHome’s mix of in-home technology and cloud-based services are designed to give individuals the freedom and support they need to help promote quality life and independence in their own homes.


A stable and ‘always on’ IT environment is critical for connecting SimplyHome’s in-home services to the outside world. Since families and care providers rely on the 24/7 availability of SimplyHome’s services to keep their loved ones safe, 100% uptime is a must. As their business grew and matured, SimplyHome found that they needed to implement a full business continuity solution to achieve the level of uptime they needed.


Having already had a long-standing relationship with Immedion for cloud services, it was an easy decision for SimplyHome to entrust them with disaster recovery services as well. Immedion’s engineers sat down with SimplyHome to review their IT solution and ensure they had the very best disaster recovery practices in place to uphold to their uptime standards. SimplyHome’s small IT team lacks the resources needed to setup and manage disaster recovery on their own. Fortunately, they’re able to rely on Immedion’s expertise to configure and support the underlying infrastructure, making implementation seamless.

With Immedion’s strategic coverage across the Carolinas and the Midwest, SimplyHome is able to achieve significant geographic diversity between their production, replication and backup sites. They house their production in Immedion’s private cloud in Greenville while Immedion’s Recovery Cloud (DRaaS) replicates their critical data and systems to Immedion’s Asheville data center. Additionally, Immedion’s offsite backup service helps SimplyHome follow best practices for data backups by replicating them to Immedion’s Cincinnati location. 


Since adding Immedion’s Recovery Cloud service, SimplyHome has peace of mind knowing that even in the worst-case scenario, they will be able to recover quickly and minimize the impact of downtime on their customers. SimplyHome also appreciates that they can rely on Immedion to handle their underlying IT infrastructure so their in-house team can focus on bringing value to the customer through building new services and applications.

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