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Trident Pain Center

Trident Pain Center offers patients across South Carolina a multi-disciplinary approach to control and manage severe and lingering pain. They are committed to promoting a standard of excellence in patient-centered care.


Looking to grow their practice and expand their footprint in South Carolina, Trident Pain Center could no longer operate on their existing network infrastructure. They also needed to find a provider that would be capable of supporting their IT across multiple locations. Therefore, man power and enterprise-class technical infrastructure were important factors.


Trident decided to work with Immedion because they offered the expertise of a highly credentialed staff and could meet the practice’s more advanced technical needs. After planning a scalable solution that would allow room for growth, Immedion installed new network infrastructure for Trident. A backup solution was also put in place that would provide image level recovery of all the servers throughout the Trident network.


A few years later when Trident experienced a severe server outage, having a backup solution proved to be vital in continuing patient care and preventing downtime. When the outage occurred, Immedion’s support team was immediately alerted and worked to identify its cause. After pinpointing the issue, Immedion initiated the disaster recovery process and recovered the server to a virtual machine. The support team was able to verify the data integrity, availability and accuracy almost instantly. Once 100% functionality was verified, Trident was notified that all services had been recovered and it was business as usual.

Because Immedion responded so quickly and had the technical expertise to proactively resolve the problem, Trident Pain Center was able to avoid significant downtime and resumed normal treatment of patients the next day without interruption.

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