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Industries We Serve

We Provide Always On Solutions to a Diverse Group of Industries

We understand the unique needs, standards and nuances of a wide array of industries. That knowledge allows to us create high-value solutions that ensure your mission-critical data and systems remain safe, secure and always accessible.


We deliver scalability, flexibility, assistance meeting compliance standards and support to healthcare clients which have evolving, dynamic requirements. See how we assisted Family Dental Health.


Immedion crafts solutions that deliver increased efficiency to manufacturing systems by creating solutions that consistently deliver unparalleled performance. Find out how we helped Dayton Superior.


In the service industry, success is dependent upon your ability to continually provide an exceptional customer experience. Immedion works behind the scenes to secure your data, systems and applications through custom IT solutions, so you keep your customers happy – and coming back for more.


Technology providers understand the value of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to their hardware and software needs. To achieve their competitive advantage they need to be in a flexible environment that allows them to scale according to their needs and goals.

“The team at Immedion is responsive to our needs, understands our challenges and provides expertise in the planning and migration of our systems.” - Mike Hoffman, IT Manager, Ionic Services


Immedion’s dedicated data centers, colocation services and enterprise-class systems ensure a seamless, secure flow of goods and information throughout every “link” in your supply chain. Find out how we deliver for Rogers and Brown.


Keeping your legal documents safe and secure is a priority, and at Immedion we understand that. We work with you to ensure your data and systems are always safe and secure. Discover how we helped KMK Law.