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Immedion Introduces the Multi-Cloud Connector

Greenville, SC (Dec. 2020) Immedion, a premier provider of cloud, data center and managed IT services, today announced their new Multi-Cloud Connector, which brings multi-cloud, cloud-to-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy enablement to the masses.

As a public and private cloud services provider, Immedion has witnessed firsthand how more businesses are moving to a multi-cloud strategy, relying on multiple cloud instances from Immedion, or sometimes even multiple providers. Though a multi-cloud strategy makes sense for many customers, they frequently face difficulties provisioning and managing their set-ups. 

Immedion’s Multi-Cloud Connector makes connectivity easier and more affordable than ever by leveraging the power of Megaport, a leading global Network as a Service provider, and integrating it with their own cloud and colocation services. With Megaport’s SDN (Software-Defined Network) and Immedion’s support, clients are able to optimize their cloud configuration without having to worry about managing or monitoring their connections.

“Easy cloud access is imperative for organizations to be able to function in today’s business world,” said Brad Alexander, Immedion’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “With Multi-Cloud Connector, we’re able to eliminate the complications, costs and time associated with managing a multi-cloud strategy and instead provide seamless cloud-to-cloud connectivity at a greatly reduced cost.”

In addition to easy access to the highly-reliable and highly-configurable Immedion cloud, the Multi-Cloud Connector enables fast and secure connections to hundreds of global services, including Amazon, AWS, Google and Salesforce, while still providing the dedicated AlwaysOn support that clients rely on from Immedion.