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Immedion Partners with SolidFire to Deliver Guaranteed Cloud Storage Performance

Greenville, SC (June 2015) – Immedion LLC, South Carolina and Western North Carolina’s premiere provider of data center services including Cloud, colocation and managed services, today launched its all-SSD Cloud storage platform offering multi-tiered storage levels with guaranteed IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) performance. Fueled by SolidFire, the #1 Solid-State Array technology, Immedion’s all-SSD Cloud storage platform protects customers’ mission-critical applications by delivering reliable and predictable performance.

In data centers with multiple tenants, poor storage performance is the main cause of unpredictable application performance. Recognizing the need for high-speed and reliable Cloud storage solutions, Immedion partnered with SolidFire to offer an all-SSD multi-tiered Cloud storage platform. With guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) performance levels, Immedion Cloud customers achieve lightning-fast, stable Cloud performance regardless of system condition or application activity. Private cloud, database-driven applications and analytics acceleration all benefit from SolidFire’s guaranteed performance. Immedion’s multi-tiered storage structure gives customers the ability to scale capacity and performance resources individually, allowing them to select the exact level of performance they need.

“Our new partnership with SolidFire enables us to guarantee lightning-fast Cloud storage performance,” said Immedion’s Chief Operating Officer Rob Moser. “With the ability to tier storage performance, Immedion Cloud customers will now be able to achieve guaranteed consistent performance among their applications, while still experiencing costs savings in the long run by provisioning fewer resources.”

“Our scale-out, all-flash array was purpose-built to help service providers like Immedion deliver a next generation infrastructure experience,” said Stuart Oliver, SolidFire’s Global Service Provider Programs Manager. “Infrastructure Fueled by SolidFire not only delivers the predictable performance that enterprise customers want, but also enables the team at Immedion to more rapidly transform its service offerings to address evolving enterprise customer workloads.”