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Cloud Services

Local Care. Best in Class.

Immedion’s ultra-reliable, high performance cloud couples best-in-class infrastructure with the highest level of care and customer service. Our cloud engineers will work closely with your IT staff every step of the way to ensure that your solution is ideally designed to meet your needs. We’ll help you build a solution that incorporates the level of compliance and security you need while also ensuring that your applications are ready for our cloud, making your migration completely painless.

Each of Immedion’s cloud solutions can be fully managed by us or self-managed by your IT team, depending on your preference. Immedion’s Cloud portal makes it easier than ever to deploy and manage virtual servers, monitor usage and scale on demand, all form a single-pane-of-glass.

Which Cloud is Right For You?

Immedion Public Cloud

Built with scalability and flexibility in mind, the Immedion Public Cloud guarantees reliability and performance. This multi-tenant solution is never oversubscribed and allows for quick and easy changes to your virtual servers. Learn more about the Immedion Public Cloud.

Private Cloud

Though all levels of Immedion’s Cloud offers advanced security, clients with more exacting security and compliance needs can rely on our private cloud. As a single-tenant solution, the private cloud can help you meet your compliance needs while still giving you more flexibility than a traditional infrastructure environment. Learn more about the private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Immedion’s Hybrid Cloud allows clients to architect a solution that truly works for them by blending public cloud, private cloud and infrastructure solutions. This is an ideal solution for clients who can operate mostly on the public cloud but need some private resources, as well as clients who have existing hardware that doesn’t yet need to be refreshed. Learn more about the hybrid cloud.

Migrate to the Cloud

Immedion’s cloud engineers are experienced in helping customers complete their cloud migration with little to no downtime and minimal impact on application performance. We can assist you in making legacy applications and systems cloud-ready and have even successfully worked with developers to recode applications authored prior to the cloud. By preparing these applications in advance, we were able to ensure optimal performance in the cloud.

Features & Benefits

  • Low latency and greater than 99.99% uptime, reducing the loss of productivity and performance due to downtime and lag
  • Reduced time and money spent purchasing and managing your infrastructure
  • Cloud architects who will work closely with you to determine a solution engineered to your exact needs
  • 24/7/365 support with access to our team of highly skilled and certified technical experts
  • Easy deployment and management of manage virtual servers from a single pane of glass for on-demand resource elasticity and scalability
  • Increased resiliency through advanced geodiversity

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Many clients combine data center storage with cloud solutions, where information is hosted and stored securely on virtual servers. Cloud services are included in Immedion’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service model and scaled to meet your business needs. Our experienced engineers work directly with your IT staff to provide a cloud storage solution and help you select a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud option to host your data, as well as prepare your team for a seamless migration.