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Hybrid Cloud

The Best of Both Worlds

Whether you are looking to integrate physical infrastructure with the Cloud or combining private and public Cloud resources, our Hybrid Cloud is the ideal solution for getting the most out of multiple infrastructure types. Customers use our Hybrid Cloud to maximize efficiency while meeting security and compliance requirements.

Your business is unique. Your data solution should be too.

Like all Immedion services, we work with you from day one to develop a Hybrid Cloud solution unique to you and your business needs. It’s our goal to ensure that you get the performance, reliability, configuration and flexibility you need to run your business effectively and efficiently, while meeting the compliance and regulatory demands of your industry. Many organizations utilize hybrid solutions as they integrate Cloud into their everyday use.

Immedion’s Hybrid Cloud Use Cases

  • Meet compliance and security requirements
  • Integrate Cloud infrastructure with existing hardware

Benefits of Immedion’s Hybrid Cloud

  • Managed switch interface between dedicated and Cloud environments
  • Advanced networking options available
  • Access to our team of technical experts
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Optional shared SAN storage
  • Seamless Cloud migration

Many clients combine data center storage with cloud solutions, where information is hosted and stored securely on virtual servers. Cloud services are included in Immedion’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service model and scaled to meet your business needs. Our experienced engineers work directly with your IT staff to provide a cloud storage solution and help you select a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud option to host your data, as well as prepare your team for a seamless migration.

Request a cloud demo to see the Immedion Cloud platform in action, or download the cloud provider checklist.