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Immedion Public Cloud

Secure, Reliable and High-Performing.

Immedion’s Public Cloud is designed to guarantee flexibility, reliability and performance, and with a 100% uptime guarantee, low latency and our commitment to never oversubscribing our cloud, we have a proven track record to back it up. Our cloud rivals that of any national provider, but with Immedion you also receive a true IT partnership.

Immedion’s Public Cloud clients work closely with Immedion engineers who architect a cloud solution tailored to them. The client’s solution will have the resources and performance specifically needed for their environment, plus compliance and security options that are rare in the public cloud.

Features & Benefits

  • On-demand cloud scalability to keep up with your business needs
  • Reduced cost and time spent managing your own infrastructure
  • Capital expenditures cost savings via the elimination of hardware refresh cycles and extended support contract phases
  • Stringent compliance and security options that are not available in most other public clouds, including encryption-at-rest
  • Configurable multi-site options
  • 24/7/365 support with access to our team of highly skilled and certified technical experts

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Many clients combine data center storage with cloud solutions, where information is hosted and stored securely on virtual servers. Cloud services are included in Immedion’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service model and scaled to meet your business needs. Our experienced engineers work directly with your IT staff to provide a cloud storage solution and help you select a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud option to host your data, as well as prepare your team for a seamless migration.