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Compliance Services


Meeting Compliance Regulations and Standards

Immedion Data Centers are Safe and Secure Always.

At Immedion, we pride ourselves on delivering enterprise-class data center and Cloud services in a secure environment. SOC logoThroughout our history, we have implemented and maintained controls to ensure the safety of our customers’ data and systems.

Securing Your Systems

Immedion maintains secure data centers and ensures the safety of our customers’ data by implementing strict access controls. All Immedion data centers are protected by:

  • NOC technicians physically on-site 24/7/365
  • Badge + PIN access
  • Biometric scanners
  • On-site digital video surveillance monitored 24/7/365
  • Offerings of lockable cabinets and cages built with 5 sides, including the top

In addition to the ongoing physical monitoring of our data centers, our technicians also monitor Immedion’s network around the clock. This constant management ensures that variances and anomalies that could pose a risk are seen and acted upon immediately. We understand the protection of a business network is a critical component of success in today’s business environment.

See how Immedion helped Beaufort Memorial Hospital with HIPAA compliance.