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Managing mission critical healthcare systems and patient records while maintaining compliancy in the Cloud can be challenging. Designed exclusively for healthcare organizations, Immedion’s Healthcare Cloud helps to alleviate the burden of HIPAA and HITECH compliance regulations. With our Custom Cloud management tool and access to our team of technical experts, healthcare IT operations are simplified so that you can focus on providing the best modern care to your patients.

The Flexibility You Want With the Security You Need

The Immedion Cloud combines the flexible, scalable and ultra-reliable benefits of the Cloud with the security controls necessary for you to meet compliance requirements, enabling you to meet demanding industry security standards with intrusion protection and prevention and integrity controls. We employ both physical and logical access controls to ensure your patient records and medical data are always safe and secure.

Always in Control

As a healthcare provider, we understand that your business remains always on and you need access to medical records 24/7/365. Our Cloud management tool allows you to control your cloud and its resources, deploy and manage virtual servers with on-demand resource elasticity, manage both servers and vApps and utilize intuitive monitoring and reporting. The single-pane-of-glass structure makes it easy for you to remain always in control.

Simplified IT Operations for Quality Patient Care

We’re here to simplify your cloud solution and free-up IT resources so that quality patient care is at the core of your focus. We understand that it is critical for your business to remain always on, that’s why we’re dedicated to providing network infrastructure uptime with industry leading service level agreements (SLAs). Should an issue arise, our team of technical experts are always available for support 24/7/365.

As an Immedion Cloud customer, you have access to our full suite of Managed Services including disaster recovery, backup, storage, systems management and network security. Each service can be easily added to your solution to strengthen your security posture and further meet compliance goals.