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Multi-Cloud Connector

Easily Connect to a Web of Providers.

With Immedion’s Multi-Cloud Connector, you are able to implement a hybrid, multi-cloud or cloud-to-cloud strategy without the challenge of provisioning and managing it yourself. Instead, you get a low-latency global software-defined network from Megaport, one of the world’s leading Network as a Service providers, which allows you to seamlessly connect to leading cloud services and providers via a virtual cross connect.

By using Multi-Cloud Connector with your existing Immedion cloud and colocation services, you get greater flexibility in tailoring your multi-cloud experience to fit your needs. It combines Megaport’s software-defined network with Immedion’s locations, support and cloud expertise for easy access to a robust web of cloud services and providers directly through Immedion.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-cloud ecosystem for fast and secure connections to hundreds of global services beyond our own public and private clouds
  • Seamless, low-latency connectivity between regions and cloud service providers
  • Ability to access all of your services without the need to own and manage physical infrastructure
  • Easy provisioning with lower hardware costs and reduced provisioning timelines
  • Total management for your wide area network
  • Secure and protected connections into Immedion and other top cloud providers with guaranteed automatic failover
  • Predictable billing with straight-forward and cost-effective charges each month, plus no hidden fees or unexpected charges
  • Connection management and monitoring provided by Immedion
  • 24/7/365 support with access to our team of highly skilled and certified technical experts

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Immedion’s local data centers are strategically located for safety and convenience. Locations include  Spartanburg, SC Greenville, SC Charleston, SC Downtown Cincinnati Eastgate Cincinnati Asheville, NC , Columbia SC  and  Columbus, IN  (in the greater Indianapolis area).